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Aeron close

A sword that cuts through air itself, completely invisible to the naked eye. Its exact length is a legend.

last updated about 4 years ago


Dragonclaw close

A dagger carved out of the claw of a long-lost dragon, seething with its overflowing magic. Amplifies the user's magic power through its strikes.

last updated over 2 years ago

Fury Cutter

Fury Cutter close

Vix's bow, crafted from some special wood and a special strand of drawstring, which does not fire arrows. Instead, the force of letting the drawn string go tears a laceration in space that propagates forward, resulting in deep lacerations in the target.

Bow can be rotated to give a resulting rotation on the end laceration.

last updated about 2 years ago

Heaven's Handbow

Heaven's Handbow close

When a certain character fires this bow (the one it's meant for), a hundred other white arrows rain down from the sky onto that same target.

The character doesn't know whether it's them or the bow, but it's a nice base for a faith-based ranger.

last updated about 2 years ago


Shadowstone close

A dark stone that contains an entire plane of existence within it. If it were to ever be destroyed, the netherworld would be destroyed with it.

last updated almost 3 years ago


Shatterblade close

A sword made of the most brittle dragonstone that only allots one extremely powerful strike before splintering into a million shards in the victim.

last updated about 2 years ago


Snakebite close

On outward thrusts, the staff extends and remains stiff until fully extended. While retracting, the staff goes limp at extended points. Remains limp until it is still for a moment.

Allows the user to strike a far distance with a bowstaff, or extend fully into a whip, or extend (and make limp) the middle, resulting in nunchaku, or anything between.

last updated about 2 years ago


Wormwood close

Per tree of Wormwood (that means chips of tree are aggregated), there can be one soul cursed, inhabited by the ancient spirit of the wormwood. These spirits each have different, evil, things they do, but also do a fair job of keeping under the radar and do well at framing blame on others. Touching any part of the tree will curse the toucher unless the spirit already inhabits someone else. Nobody knows how wormwood...

last updated over 1 year ago