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Hi, my name is Eva and my brain is like a pinball machine of ideas both good and bad. I read a lot and I write sometimes. Sondheim and ...

groupawooga moment

Oh? On Jah? (They/them preferred) I make one too many universes and I love worldbuilding.

I am Queen Circe, a tiny ball of whatever kind of fuckery made me. As of right now, the conspiracy is that I'm an old and confused psychi...

I'm a dumb stupid idiot moron bitch loser and I'm a huge butch he/him lesbian who makes music and kins JFK from clone high. If you think ...

Hi I am Bri and I like to talk,and I hope I make friends ❤️

I am 17 just a extremely exhausted high school student 🙄

Hi it’s me Haley I got a new account 15