terrain Locations by person gremlin™

Beyonder Ghost Town

Beyonder Ghost Town close

Formerly Valendale, UK

Small city surrounded by neighborhoods. Crawling with hollows, but it has valuable supplies in un-looted houses. Most of the loot is deep in the city- The hardest place to reach. Coming within 10 miles of this place is considered suicide if you're alone. But even with a group, survival odds are dim.

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Rebel Caravan

Rebel Caravan close

12 RV’s, four trailers, five jeeps, four trucks and like ten tents.

The four trucks are used to pull trailers. One of the jeeps is used for hauling supplies, one is used to lead the caravan, and the rest carry passengers and tents.

Three trailers are used recreationally, the other fourth is a moving hospital/ trauma bay.

All RV’s are recreational and house the rebels. The tallest RV has a ladder to the ...

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Sinkhole close


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Southern Genocastra Base

Southern Genocastra Base close

A 732 acre campus, complete with five full genetic labs, a three-story training center per age group, a medical facility, an auditorium, an arena, a holodeck, two gyms, a 12-acre shooting range, technology bay, outpost, helicopter landing site, crop field, small cattle ranch, stakeyard, cafeteria, armory and a barracks that can house up to 33,007 troops.

last updated over 2 years ago