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Burn Alexander Bailey

Burn Alexander Bailey close

Fire dragon knight

last updated 15 days ago


Death close

Deity of Death, Souls and Reincarnation

last updated 10 days ago

Ember Jane Calida

Ember Jane Calida close

Future Fire Dragon Knight

last updated 7 months ago

Moon Xavier Andres

Moon Xavier Andres close

Dark dragon knight

last updated 16 days ago

Otis Tristan Dove

Otis Tristan Dove close

Half-demon hoping to help

last updated over 1 year ago

Pegasus Athena Roe

Pegasus Athena Roe close

Air dragon knight

last updated about 1 year ago

Pike Skylar Jayren

Pike Skylar Jayren close

Broken Hero who's Healing

last updated 9 months ago

Shadow Jaxon Hiei Davon

Shadow Jaxon Hiei Davon close

One of five main protaganists

last updated 8 months ago

Thorn Kaysi Irvine

Thorn Kaysi Irvine close

Earth dragon knight

last updated 7 months ago