I’m Already Fifteen and I’ve Wasted My Entire Life with My Guinea Pigs

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I am a smol girl who has taken interest in writing and RPing around twelve. I set out to find a site to take part of with my wonderfully growing writing skill! I’m rather energetic and a very fine friend indeed if you get me food. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to chat or RP! Oh, and ignore my user, just call me mom (even though I’m not a mom anymore *sigh*) or Emi. Hope to see you around, curious user/stalker!


I love to RP, Write with others (though I never get it done), Paint, look at Memes and Vines, and Draw.

Favorite Genre
Fantasy, Supernaturals, Humor, Some Romance (only in RPs)

Favorite Author
J. K. Rowling

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Large and Vast. Millions of dimensions, incredibly advanced.
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