In a world literally split in half by class differences, one boy wields his mysterious power to close the gap and bring the Skylands down to earth.

This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Jade Wright Nature-loving voice of reason
group Aizu Protagonist
group Ronald Wright Jade's father
group Xeroh Foil to Aizu
group Why Magus-like enemy/ally
group Geoff Miller Hero's Call catalyst
group Hiro Torres Captain of Belowsky Guard
group Jenica Ward "Wannabe" witch
group Virginia Wright Jade's mother

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terrain Locations close
terrain Arborwood Evergreen forest
terrain Dalpho Lake Lake where Aizu was found
terrain Ascali Capitol city, market hub
terrain Mudon Jade's hometown
terrain The Minorweald "Shortcut" forest between Mudon and Ascali, inhabited by elves

1 item reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Fury Cutter Vix's bow, crafted from some special wood and a special strand of drawstring, which does not fire arrows. Instead, the force of letting the drawn string go tears a laceration in space that propagat...

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