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New World

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terrain Haze Sea A colossal crater from a long-gone asteroid that happens to be structured such that it's always filled to the brim with the rolling fog from nearby mountains, limiting visibility to arms length -- ...
terrain Echo Caves The Echo Caves are vast, underground tunnels through a large deposit of vibranium. The tunnel walls reverberate any and all sound throughout the entire tunnel system, sometimes repeating a stray wh...
terrain Halazal A Diablo-esque island of medieval technologies, demons, and ancient wizardry.
terrain Tree of Life Legends speak of a World Tree that fosters and grows the spirits and souls of our world until they're ready for physical bodies.

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emoji_events Shatterblade A sword made of the most brittle dragonstone that only allots one extremely powerful strike before splintering into a million shards in the victim.
emoji_events Dragonclaw A dagger carved out of the claw of a long-lost dragon, seething with its overflowing magic. Amplifies the user's magic power through its strikes.

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pets Goldbill A bright race of birds that migrate with the sunlight with each day.
pets Skullbird Globally recognized ill omen

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face Minotaur Minotaurs are goat-like creatures that live in the dark and spend their days practicing blind art.

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