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Aspects of reality

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A Sci-Fi world where astral orbs(read: planets) are connected by roads of stars like constellations. Each is governed by different factions connected to Deities born from the original stars

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Pretty heavily inspired by Honkai Star rail

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A cast of characters combine for an adventure that I'll find out eventually!

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This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Relos Mentor
group Kara follower of the path of time
group Magolor The steel twin
group Chelsie Energetic Magnet Twin
group Vecta follower of the Lord of Stories
group Chancer Follows path of the Jester

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terrain Locations close
terrain Hunters Grove The forest of Zodiacs where the Hunters go to kill beasts.
terrain Orion Cluster The Star Cluster of the Orion Region
terrain New Location
terrain City of Gravity A city ruled by the rightous faction following the path of gravity

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