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Corpse Wonderland

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Alice "Lizzie" Hatcher wanders the streets as a beggar child during the day. At night, she reveals her true identity as as the Axe Executioner, a psychopathic killer who targets nobles and has massed up over 99 kills. Her modus operandi suddenly comes to a halt when she is discovered by a mysterious person who refers himself as a humble Commissioner. Although being threatened by being handed over to the authorities, Lizzie, who desires even bigger thrills, joins his "agency" .

Lizzie is partnered up with the legendary killer Jack the Ripper, who, despite the rumors of him being an insane and trigger-happy-havoc harbinger, is actually an insanely calm and tranquil person.

With an unlikely friendship forged, bloody chaos ensues as they take down heinous slashers and butchers who threaten the Slums.

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Dark comedy

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  • Killer characters are loosely based on real-life serial killers.

  • The central theme of the story is basically: can murderers and criminals have better judgement than those who are in power?

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