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sleepy horrors

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extra-terrestrial/analog horror set in small town oregon somewhere in the early 80s. one by one, people are getting murdered and found in dozens of pieces in the spotty forest set behind acres of farmland. the first victim was cecil johanson - a scientist who worked at a top secret remote facility. the second victim was carly gillenhall - a 17-year-old cheerleader who was looking forward to homecoming with her boyfriend.

and so forms an unlikely crew.

vaughn johanson - the son of cecil johanson who is desperately seeking answers about his father's death. all he wants is to bring his killers to justice. nicotine addiction, wears only leather jackets and really really wants a cool sword to hang on his wall.

selene jiminez - a first-generation cuban-american with an affinity for the paranormal and alien and fascination of the morbid and macabre. wants nothing more than to prove that aliens are real to write a research project on them and fulfill her dream of becoming an extra-terrestrial biologist under nasa.

tobias taylor - a varsity basketball player who works at the local arcade. his girlfriend was the second victim to the mysterious killer and he wants nothing more than to avenge her and get the answers her family deserves.

mildred yang - a quiet, bookish geek who's used to fading into the background. she's a robotics genius, though she hates to flaunt it. she was brought into the group by selene, the rest of the gang needing her engineer skills to help build machines and gadgets.

eshaal basha - a theater kid who's bored out of her mind in small town sleepy, oregon. she follows the other four around out of sheer boredom and is ecstatic to be a part of their little mystery solving gang.

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horror (analog/alien)
comedy horror

a mix between goosebumps, gravity falls, stranger things, and scooby doo

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