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A universe where the world is ripped apart, chunks of land float in the sky, and massive ravines are everywhere. Despite this, the area is extremely beautiful and features astonishing sunsets of purples, pinks, and of course, octorine. The world once was beautiful, but now is in ruin. The world once used to be filled with magic. Magic was a source available to all. This, of course, had it's consequences, as magic wasn't always used to benefit. The king, King Deevaan, banished magic, (Sources, participants, supporters, etc.) to another universe, the one where MAGNIFIED takes place.

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Dark fantasy

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"I used to think everyone deserved a second chance, but now, meeting you, I realize some people don't deserve any chance at all."

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Undertale, a video game. It doesn't have anything to do with the game at all, but it actually started out as an AU but I decided it had more potential than a remake and scrapped that aspect.

This universe contains...
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group Characters close
group Quintin Etienne Side Character, Member of the Ikhophi: The Stubborn One
group Colette Eilif Side Character; Member of the Ikhophi: "The Motherly One"
group Reggie (Reginald) Joly Member of the Ikhophi: "The Happy One"
group Prince Member of the Ikhophi. "The precious one."
group Ember Keys Side Character; Servant girl, falls in love with Ezra
group Eligor Member of the Ikhophi, "The Handsome One"
group Checker Member of the Ikhophi. "The Cute One"
group Justus Somewhat main; Leader of the Ikhophi
group Raziel Somewhat Main; Kidnapper of Eliza
group August Locke Bond Somewhat Main; Twin of Liberty
group Liberty Charity Bond Somewhat Main; Twin of August
group Ezra Emre Main Character; Twin of Eliza
group Eliza Emre Main Character; Twin of Ezra

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terrain Locations close
terrain Mount. Xumahay
terrain Emre Archipelago Chunks of land that are connected with a series of bridges. Each island big enough to hold one or to activities: A tree for alone time; a garden; a pool; a snack bar; etc.

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Consequences A wooden staff that resembles a tree branch wrapping around a gleaming purple gem.
emoji_events Charles An old, worn down, threadbare teddy
emoji_events Jupitar A magical peach-colored stone which helps one focus their powers

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pets Creatures close
pets Rajodami These creatures enjoy bathing in the kitai springs, and can become very hostile if you disturb them. They prey on small animals and bugs, and occasionally something bigger to feed their babies and ...

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