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The Winter Without a Sun

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In this universe, it's much like modern day. There's technology and the world is pretty advanced. But, there's a twist. It's heavily influenced by mythology. People still believe in magic, there's a whole system of prophets and Ministers with a connection to the gods writing down everything that happens in the divine world. In this world, there's a whole host of gods. From the gods of the sun and moon, to the god of hate and jealousy, there's a god for almost everything. The sun and moon are very important things in this worlds religion, so the two gods of the sun and moon are held in high regard. They're very important. The higher ranking gods have apprentices and assistants they train to take care of their domain if ever the gods are away. But these assistants are never to become the god, since the gods are immortal and will never need permanent replacement. The humans are actually very in touch with the gods, having met them multiple times. Everything in this world seems perfect.

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In the beginning, there were only two gods. Ankans, the god of life, and Bashid, the god of death. Ankans grew lonely and bored of nothing being there other than Bashid, so he created earth and gave it life. Bashid, feeling betrayed and jealous, killed Ankans's creations. (Note, Bashid was so jealous and envious that her jealousy became its own entity all by itself, but neither of the gods realized this until years later) Instead of things going back to the way they were, Ankans and Bashid formed a raging rivalry between them. Ankans created life form after life form, filling earth to the brink, only for Bashid to eventually kill off every one of them. Death was inevitable. Eventually Ankins had enough and created more gods, like the god of the sun (Solas), the god of love (Chaneal), the god of harmony (Lainsa), and many more, all meant to bring more life to the world. Bashid realized this and made her own gods, the god of the moon (Lune), the god of chaos (Oased), the god of sorrow (Kasdvek), and again, many more. The two godly families rivalry went on for millennia, until one day, Solas and Lune fell in love. They would meet in secret deep in an enchanted forest on earth, staying there for hours and doing what two gods smitten in love do. Obviously, Ankins and Bashid eventually found out, and were furious. If this romance went on any longer, their two families would be forced to get along. But, alas, the romance kept going strong. So eventually, the two families drew a truce. And it stayed peaceful for years longer, Solas and Lune staying together all this time, eventually creating the god of peace together (Haona), creating their own family. Then the fall happened.

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Basically, the fall is when Solas fell from the heavens. To elaborate:

Remember Jealonvy? The pure embodiment of Bashids jealousy? Well, she was still around, and she was ignored. All this time, basically noone knew she existed. And she was sick of it. She wanted to be the one in charge. All these years alone, floating around earth and causing people to hate eachother was starting to bore her. She wanted to be the one on the throne. But, she knew that she would never be able to take on Ankans or, let alone Bashid, her very own mother. So she set her sights on Solas. Or, more specifically, she set her sights on one of Solas's apprentices. Now, the apprentice (Kanak) was devoted to helping Solas. It was his pride and duty that he was chosen to be an apprentice. But, a small, tiny piece of jealousy was deep inside him. Sometimes he wished that he was on the throne instead of Solas, but he didn't ever want to hurt the god. He was like an older brother to him. But Jealonvy latched onto that small piece of jealousy, and offered Kanak a deal. If he let her take over his body, she would help him take down Solas and let him take the throne. Poor, naive Kanak took the deal, but as you could've probably guessed, Jealonvy was lying. She possessed Kanak, using his appearance merely as a disguise to catch Solas off guard. What followed was an epic battle, resulting in Solas sustaining many injuries and Jealonvy throwing him down from the heavens. With Solas powerless and gone, Jealonvy was finally free to take over the sun kingdom and assume Solas's position. She threw away Kanak like an old toy and took over the kingdom, throwing the divine world into chaos. Kanak felt immensely guilty for letting this happen, so he descended down to earth to try and find Solas, with Lune coming along because, of course, his husband went missing, he's gonna want to find him. When they..eventually did, it was kindof shocking. In the battle with Jealonvy, Solas lost an arm, two fingers on his right hand, and was struck blind in one eye. Not to mention that when he got to earth he didn't remember anything of his time as a god. Anything. He didn't know his name, how old he was, who he was, or any of that. Some kind civilian of the city he landed in found him and immediately rushed him to the hospital, where he was treated for his wounds. Obviously he wasn't on any records and nobody realised that this was the god of the sun. You see, when gods go down to earth, their appearance changes to that of a human. So his wings, absurd height and pointy ears were gone. The person who took him to the hospital (Lelia) found out that he had nowhere to stay, and felt immensely bad for the poor guy. So she let him stay in her spare room she had in her house, at least until he recovered and got back onto his feet. When Lune and Kanak found Solas, he was actually going by the name Silas (the only thing he remembered was his name, but even then he got it mixed up and thought it was Silas, so that's what he said his name was)

So now Lune and Kanak have to convince Silas that he's actually the god Solas, and that he has to get back to the heavens now to deal with the evil entity that has taken over a good majority of the heavens by the time Silas was found by the god and apprentice duo.

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Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in The Winter Without a Sun ?

They're basically the same as ours, what did you expect-

Magic System - What is the magic system like in The Winter Without a Sun ?

The magic system is pretty simple here. For the gods, their magic corresponds with what they're the god of. So Solas, the god of the sun, has fire and heat related powers. Ankans can bring life to anything, and create life. Ect ect.

For humans it's basically the same, with a few more things added. Their magic corresponds with what they'll be best at in life. So, if someone was born and wanted to be a baker, their powers would be that everything they made tasted amazing and they could calm anyone down with just one cupcake.

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It's basically the same as hours- they have the same level of advanced technology as we do.

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Art prompts and a whole bunch of Rick Riordans books.


I literally wrote this in 30 minutes on a writing creative spree.

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