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Name - What is this universe's name?

Universe of Li

Description - How would you describe Universe of Li?

It's a fun little universe I made to set a story that I'm writing with a friend in

Genre - What genre best describes Universe of Li?

Fantasy, a bit of steam-punk maybe?

date_range History
History - What is Universe of Li’s history?

One of the countries, Lithros, invaded almost all the other countries, uniting them into the empire of Li

gavel Systems
Magic System - What is the magic system like in Universe of Li?

Everyone is born with something called ENERGY and they can use it for different things...or there's a class system so they can only use it for specific things; i.e. Clerics can only heal, Swordsmen can only use it to augment their sword attacks, etc. I think it'll probably boil down to each person having a specialisation within their class

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Universe of Li?

It's like medieval-type technology (with better hygiene, hahaha...)

edit Notes
Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Universe of Li?

...Random ideas that pop into my head. Whatever books I'm reading, TV shows/anime/movies I'm watching, whatever videogames I'm playing, whatever I'm learning about in school, etc.

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