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It's parallel to this earth, and it's 2061, where the world is ending and people have colonized on the moon. A huge crater is closed off to the civilians populating the rest of the moon. And the crater is filled with internonnecting labs that are used for testing, as they need soldiers to defend against some other alien civilizations that periodically attack the moon and mars.

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The world started ending due to global warming, war, and over population. And about 100,000 people were transported to the moon while the rest were transported to Mars, which unlike our dimensions Mars, is like a twin to earth and therefore has its own life, and civilizations who decided to help their "sister planet" out. The people on the moon are solely scientists and great people of power, along with the poorer people

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Almost exactly like ours

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Oria ?

None, none that anyone really knows of at least.

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The technology in this world is pretty advanced, I mean of course it kindof has to be, they were able to fly thousands of people out to Mars and the moon in under a week. They also have a good amount of advanced tech when it comes to testing and defense.

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Most sci-fi peices of work, and some fantasy elements

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terrain Moonstone labs Moonstone labs is a huge complex of labs that are connected by large corridors. Lots of testing and experiments take place in Moonstone, resulting it to be closed off to the general public. It is l...

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emoji_events Jays trinket It's a small doll made out of twisted together wire frames, cloth, cotton stuffing, and string. It's cloth is multicolored since the cloth strips aren't the same color as eachother

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