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Kantsuna is full of magic and life, but for everyone, no matter who they are, using any amount of magic costs something. From lifting a feather to mind control, everything comes with a price of its own magnitude. Every hundred years the sun disappears for exactly one week, which causes the whole planet to fall under perpetual darkness. The only way to get the sun back without waiting the full week is to undergo trials set in place by the supposed gods, that might stop the sun from disappearing ever again. But noone has ever been brave enough to try.

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Kantsuna was created by the two primordial gods, Antala and Sunas, as sort of an experiment. It is a relatively small planet that Antala and Sunas tested all their abilities on; such as giving it life and magic and creating and whole ecosystem of animals. After a few years they seemed to get bored of what was going on on the planet and experimented some more, making the sun disappear every 100 years and adding in the trials just to spice it up. Seemingly happy with what they'd done, they left the planet and noones ever heard from them again, though a small handhold of people can contact them, but at the price of their life

History - What is Kantsuna’s history?

In the beginning Kantsuna was filled with foliage and lakes, rich on resources and civilization quickly rose. But during one of Antala and Sunas' experiments they turned a large portion of the world into a desert, leaving only Smokey Falls behind.

Despite this, large cities continues to grow and prosper

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Like ours

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Everyone is born with magic, but whenever someone uses magic it costs something. For example:

Say you need to reach a book from the top of a tall bookshelf. You use magic to lift it and drop it into your hands, and that costs a small amount of energy

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Most everything is ran by electricity, but the smaller and poorer villages have to use magic to fuel things

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Most fantasy books I've read, and I just decided to make my own world


When people die, their bodies are sucked of all leftover magic and then thrown into a massive pit in the desert

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terrain Smokey Falls A huge waterfall coming off of a cliff, landing in a huge lake that's surrounded by about half a mile of foliage and then cliffs closing off the whole place to anyone who would look at it from outs...

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