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Fruit Fighters

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The universe where Bard met the 4 fighters of fruitdom.

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Dark Humour

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[somewhat abridged]
In a place where fruit is more abundant than depression, 4 fruitizens strive to become skilled fighters.. when one fateful day, what appears to be a bomb {B: ??? Remy, are you sure this is the right script? Like, what is this even about? R: just keep reading and ill think about paying you B: I'm telling you, these stories are more shitty than the last.} is seen flailing in the sky, falling at a dangerous speed. Building a fruit totem, this seemingly active bomb is secured by our aforementioned fruit team. As a token of thanks, the bomb offered to show them "the Empyrean." The eldest of the squad explained they did not have interest in leaving their home, but only wanting to protect it. Bard, (the explosive) seeing as they had immense courage and potential strength agreed to sharpen and focus their individual skills. From that point forth, these brave fruitizens were known as the Fruit Fighters.

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"Blood" (scientifically) is "nectar"

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Fruits natural property is expanded (i.e pinepples spiky exterior can be used as defense mechanism, cherries bright red skin makes it hard to focus on)

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Modern technology

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I still have to make the actual fruit fighters themself, should be coming to your home theaters whenever i feel like it

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group Clancy Malicious Magician
group Bard Eccentric Mentor: an "explosive" teacher who's currently training the Fruit Fighters.

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