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The central universe for Hotel Indigo, Fruit Fighters, Hard Time, and others series by Remy Martin (Me!)

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It's not Hazbin Hotel OH MY GOD.

Anyway, this universe is centered mostly around Hotel Indigo, (the main project I'm stalling on) but also serves as a hub of sorts. Any character from Fruit Fighters origin comes from here.

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In order to even exist in Arala, you have to grasp the concept of being an oc. (basically having to know you're nothing more than a persons creation. youd be shocked when you see some of these guys reactions)

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Being able to break the 4th wall in Arala means direct speech to the viewer, looking at them, questioning the artist's decisions, who, in this case is Remy, the author.

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terrain Hotel Indigo loosely based off of Ellen Raskin's "The Westing Game." [the image here is just a parody I drew pls dont sue me Raskin ;)] Hotel Indigo.. Happy Birthday, Newman!

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emoji_events Doc's Shades Doc's last piece of identity, their tinted shades. Doc wears these 24/7; while they DJ, and as a fashion statement.
emoji_events Elegance's Headphones Everywhere she goes, she's got her headphones on. Elegance is always seen wearing these, but in reality, it's only so people think shes listening to music so they'll leave her alone.

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