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Racing Dawn

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mkay, notes: This story was developed, plotted and written in like, a week. The purpose of this book is to practice my writing and story plotting and also bc maybe I wanna write a fantasy romance with airships and sword fights and no one can stop me So I hope this story turns out better than I’m expecting, but idk- Aright, hEre wE gOOOO

World Name: Karrah
Culture: Asian steampunk with magic and spells
Governing System: Every city is considered the “Turf” of a powerful family AKA clan, usually credited with founding the city. Cities are typically hotspots of endowaves, a special type of electromagnetic wave that is able to be harnessed to make buildings float and make potions and spells more powerful when the waves are finitely converted into a powder ingredient. Most modes of transportation won’t work outside the city, except for skybikes and airships. Powerful clans sometimes clash over control over the city, so they can get the benefits that the top clan enjoys. Smaller clans will live in the cities in family units.

Food: Most popular drink is tea, sometimes spiked with taste charms and luck enchantments. Foods are mostly rice, fruits, vegetables and other fresh food. They also enjoy noodles to an obsessive extent, with many odd varieties and “noodle markets” down on the first layer

Manners: It’s rude to not remove your shoes before entering a home. Strangers greet you by crossing one arm across their chests. Every family has a family crest, and it hangs over your front door. Your ancestors are thought to defend your home from evil spirits if you have their crest up. The more more powerful your clan, the more effective your crest is thought to be. Young orphans will hang the city crest over their bedroom doors in hopes of being defended by the top family’s ancestors. You always clear your plate, or else you insult the cook- throwing food away is basically a sin lol

Fashion: Hairpins are very popular- Both males and females wear their hair long, but many people wear it up so it doesn’t get in the way. A dishonored person’s hair is shorn off, and you get judged if your hair is super short- Many people cut it at their shoulders though, so that’s considered an acceptable length. Leggings and denim are also popular, because this world also has some modern influences in it I guess. Fitted tunics and waistcoats are very in, and most clothing is solid with no patterns. People wear complementary and tertiary colors together, and they’ll wear solid green when grieving the death of a loved one. Wrap around cloaks with slits for your arms keep you warm in the chilly months, and you might wear your long hair down to keep your neck warm. Scarves are also popular. Baggy clothing with wrappings around your forearms and calves are considered normal clothes. Linen t-shirts exist, but only in V-neck. Everything is v-neck. In the hot months, (Karrah is very hot) gals wear loose and thin clothing with lotsa leggings and wraps. Men wear baggy and thin pants that are either worn with calf wrappings or capri-cut. Many men wear sleeveless tunics and jerkins or even go shirtless- especially among the working class. Young children are often nude. As soon as they can speak tho, they get their first clothes.

Men and women will wear cuffs and simple headpieces. Complex collars are an extravagant luxury only the wealthy can afford. Metals are only occasionally used to make jewelry tho, it’s usually leather, wood and even bone.

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Sci-fi Fantasy??

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Gravity is weaker around Gateways (Especially big ones!)

For small gateways, you don't notice much of a difference. Things fall a little slower depending on the time of day, and you'll be able to jump anywhere between 2-12 inches higher and stuff.

Around the big gateways tho- Oh man. Huge chunks of land hover hundreds of feet above the ground, tethered in the sky by the planet's gravity, but also repelled simultaneously by the Gateway's pulses.

The pulses happen once a day, depending on the Gateway. The pulse will rapidly push the chunks a few hundred feet off the ground and gravity will slowly lower it again until the next push.

The pulses are natural. They don't really effect anything with magic- Like gifted people, for instance, or charmed buildings. Energy generators can capture the Gateway's daily pulse and covert it into energy for the city. A big Gateway is often the main power source of the city, and most of the machinery in the city is equipped with a personal energy generator.

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