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“Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters.

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So, I originally thought I had at least 6 characters from dead RP’s and 2 from semi-active/slow but very enjoyable RP’s that I'm going to be using for this... Story. But, after a recount, I actually have a total of 9 characters from dead RP's and the 2 from semi-active/slow but very enjoyable RP’s that I mentioned... they might have actually died sadly. They were fun while they lasted. Oh! And I had to make 1 more from scratch and is getting some development in a found family RP. (Honestly, I probably have more but some of these characters just never got much development in their original stories and the others just fit too well into this.)

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Random, fantasy, AU,
Saved RP Characters

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History - What is “Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters.’s history?

I guess the "history" of this world is that there was one, possibly, inter-dimensional being (a la The Watcher) who decided to make this world because they saw too many worlds disappear before their time. So they made this world, or at least laid the foundation for it, and... I guess you could say they summoned the main characters here because they saw potential. And the Being is also the one who gave the characters their new titles and powers.

Origin - How did “Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters. originate?

The idea? Well, I came up with it because of an RP by Swimm that I stalked... I don't remember the name or who the other person was but it involved her own Parthenon taking in/care of other mortal characters. Well, the mortals were treated more like pets but I started thinking about what would happen if I put some of my own characters in that situation. Next thing I know, I'm assigning titles and making them Deities. And I decided that they needed a world/universe of their own.

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Technology - What is the level of technology like in “Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters.?

Uhh... Not really? I mean, this story starts out with an origin of the world kind of thing. So... I guess none or primitive but it will definitely grow to the level of the Roman Empire, at least, don't know what might happen beyond that.

Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in “Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters.?

For the most part; the laws of Physics are the same as ours... though there are floating mountains. (Possibility floating islands too...)

Magic System - What is the magic system like in “Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters.?

There is definitely magic in this world (/universe?). Especially since my main RP characters have been basically made into deities. As for the rest of the world; yes, magic does exist. I just don't have an actual system for it. Might “rip off” a few things from DnD... possibly a few other things because at least one of my characters is going to be knowledgeable on certain fandoms and a little pop-culture savvy.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for “Accidental” Parthenon using RP characters.?

Well, I just didn't want to forget these characters even though the original RP’s died. Then, I started thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong with the role-play like I accidentally made my characters too OP. And that OP thought just kept growing and somehow I ended up picturing these characters as some equivalent of a Greek deity. Before I knew it I had made all of this.

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group Larson Carter Main character, slightly chaotic, possible memer or just a pop culture nerd.
group Elizabeth Harper The High Queen? She's actually the accidental leader of the main characters mostly because she the more responsible one and a “former” Marine.

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