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Name - What is The Stormrunner’s Alleyway’s full name?

The Stormrunner’s Alleyway

Type - What type of location is The Stormrunner’s Alleyway?

A dark, hidden back street.

Description - Describe The Stormrunner’s Alleyway.

A place where Kian and his group, the Stormrunners, hang out and scale buildings. Falynn also travels through this alleyway to go meet up with Destry and other friends.

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Language - What languages are spoken in The Stormrunner’s Alleyway?

The NS language, Lunari.

Population - What is The Stormrunner’s Alleyway’s population?

The alleyway makes up an entire street, and there are 9 total Stormrunners.

Laws - What are the laws in The Stormrunner’s Alleyway?

In the NS, there are few laws.

  1. Do not assault other people.

  2. Do not kill other people.

  3. Do not steal others' property.

  4. Do not destroy others' property.

Other than that, anything goes. And in this secluded, hidden alleyway, it is questionable whether or not these laws will be followed.

Sports - What sports are played in The Stormrunner’s Alleyway?

They like to climb buildings and play basketball.

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