info Overview
Name - What is Emre Archipelago’s full name?

Emre Archipelago

Type - What type of location is Emre Archipelago?

A sky archipelago

Description - Describe Emre Archipelago.

Chunks of land that are connected with a series of bridges. Each island big enough to hold one or to activities: A tree for alone time; a garden; a pool; a snack bar; etc.

face Culture
Language - What languages are spoken in Emre Archipelago?

English and Somali

Population - What is Emre Archipelago’s population?

Two. Boss and Eliza Emre

business Cities
map Geography
Area - What kind of area is Emre Archipelago in?

A r c h I p e l a g o

Crops - What crops does Emre Archipelago produce?

Corn, carrots, tomato, they make bread, etc.

Located at - Where is Emre Archipelago located?

T h e S k y (Legit in the middle of nowhere xDDD)

Climate - What is the climate like in Emre Archipelago?

It's fairly cold

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Emre Archipelago founded?

Boss wound up there after a long battle

edit Notes

There is a castle on one of the islands on which Boss and Eliza live


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