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Name - What is Moonstone labs’s full name?

Moonstone labs

Type - What type of location is Moonstone labs?

A large complex of labs

Description - Describe Moonstone labs.

Moonstone labs is a huge complex of labs that are connected by large corridors. Lots of testing and experiments take place in Moonstone, resulting it to be closed off to the general public. It is located in a huge crater on the moon

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Language - What languages are spoken in Moonstone labs?


Population - What is Moonstone labs’s population?

10,000 people work and/or live in Moonstone labs

Currency - What currencies are used in Moonstone labs?


Motto - What is Moonstone labs’s motto?

"The one and only moonstone, not counting the actual moon"

Laws - What are the laws in Moonstone labs?

They're not as much laws as they are rules, since this is a building

Sports - What sports are played in Moonstone labs?

Chess and melting ones mind

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map Geography
Area - What kind of area is Moonstone labs in?

A crater in the moon

Crops - What crops does Moonstone labs produce?

None, it has its food shipped in from the nearby lunar city

Located at - Where is Moonstone labs located?

The moon

Climate - What is the climate like in Moonstone labs?

Really dry and barren

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Moonstone labs founded?

In 2987, the government started construction in one of the moons hugest craters the build labs for testing. After 5 years it was complete, and the government started running experiments of multiple kinds

Established Year - When was Moonstone labs established?


Notable Wars - What notable wars has Moonstone labs been involved in?

None because it's a lab

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Moonstone labs is where Jay is kept

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