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Name - What is Sun City’s full name?

Sun City

Type - What type of location is Sun City?


Description - Describe Sun City.

Its one of the larger cities in Kantuna, with skyscrapers in the middle of the city that looks like one huge castle if you look at them from far away enough. Surrounding the skyscrapers are buildings, and the buildings are surrounded by homes, and the homes are surrounded by farms

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Language - What languages are spoken in Sun City?

Mostly English

Population - What is Sun City’s population?


Currency - What currencies are used in Sun City?

Coins made out of copper and silver, but copper bits like the ones used in Smokey Falls are also accepted

Motto - What is Sun City’s motto?

"Where the sun (almost) never sets"

Laws - What are the laws in Sun City?

Small crimes like shop-lifting and littering are given about a week in prison and 3 days community service

Robbery of someone's home or a bank while armed lands you a year in prison and 2 weeks community service

Entering the "Skyscraper castle" without permission, or any real estate that isnt for the public, immediately lands you 2 years in prison and one month community service

Murder and any type of assault is an immediate death sentance

Sports - What sports are played in Sun City?

Usually basketball and soccer, though some people play Sun Ball on occasion

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Area - What kind of area is Sun City in?

It's surrounded by desert, and usually gets supplies shipped in by large trucks from the more resource rich parts of the planet

Crops - What crops does Sun City produce?

It doesn't produce it's own crops, since it gets them from shipments that come in from the rainforest and surrounding farmlands

Located at - Where is Sun City located?

In the middle of a huge desert called "The Scorch"

Climate - What is the climate like in Sun City?

Sun City has an invisible magical dome over it that cools everything within the dome

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Notable Wars - What notable wars has Sun City been involved in?

A war between Sun City and another huge city, Phoenix City

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