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Name - What is Smokey Falls’s full name?

Smokey Falls

Type - What type of location is Smokey Falls?

A waterfall

Description - Describe Smokey Falls.

A huge waterfall coming off of a cliff, landing in a huge lake that's surrounded by about half a mile of foliage and then cliffs closing off the whole place to anyone who would look at it from outside. A few cabins are located among the trees, housing indigenous people that have never seen outside of their cliff surrounded home

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Language - What languages are spoken in Smokey Falls?

English is usually spoken there, but the older ones can speak a language called Lassun that has 20 characters in its alphabet

Population - What is Smokey Falls’s population?

About 60 people live in Smokey Falls. Every small house can house 3 people, and there are about 20 houses

Currency - What currencies are used in Smokey Falls?

Copper bits that are mined from the caves

Motto - What is Smokey Falls’s motto?

"No, we don't smoke as much as you would think"

Laws - What are the laws in Smokey Falls?

Since Smokey Falls is so small, laws are more considered as rules

So any crime will usually be given a slap on the wrist to the perpetrator, though if it's considerably bad they will be sent to a cave behind the waterfall to spend about 30 days in

Sports - What sports are played in Smokey Falls?

Sun Ball
Usually played by children, Sun Ball is started by placing about 10 people on the banks of the waterfalls lake. All of the people except one will close their eyes, and the one who didn't close their eyes (referred to as "The Sun Carrier") Will be given a ball that's orange in color and referred to as the Sun, and are supposed to hide it somewhere in the near vicinity. Then they all open their eyes and look for the ball, and The Sun Carrier will sit by the lake and give vague tips on where the sun may be

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Area - What kind of area is Smokey Falls in?

Like an oasis with a huge lake and waterfall

Crops - What crops does Smokey Falls produce?

Crops that are native to their area like wriklu, a potato like plant with a faintly sweet taste, akiave which is used to make their version of bread (which is a bit more crumblier than normal bread), marsh walnuts which are found growing in the few mucky areas surrounding the lake, and many many more

Located at - Where is Smokey Falls located?

In the middle of a desert, but the people within Smokey Falls only refer to is as "The Outside" and have no idea what it looks like or have ever dared to try and leave

Climate - What is the climate like in Smokey Falls?

Much like the tropics, though outside of the cliff barrier is mostly desert. So I suppose you could say Smokey Falls is just a particularly large oasis, but that's not really what it is in the long run

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Smokey Falls founded?

After the gods scorched half of the world, the survivors that were left in the desert found the oasis, and established a civilization there

Notable Wars - What notable wars has Smokey Falls been involved in?

Shadow war 1: a huge war that took place between Smokey Falls and a Lamanta city during the first disappearence of the sun. As soon as the sun appeared again they were confused as to why they were fighting in the first place.

The war resulted in major death counts on both sides, resulting in Smokey Falls loosing most of its population

edit Notes

The reason that Smokey Falls' water fall never runs out is simple: the gods made it an infinite waterfall that never runs out, even though it has no distinguishable source


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