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Name - What is The Jade Hollow’s full name?

The Jade Hollow

Description - Describe The Jade Hollow.

It is a forest with trees made of enchanted Jade that wares off monsters. It is also the base for most mages in training.

Type - What type of location is The Jade Hollow?

A forest.

face Culture
Language - What languages are spoken in The Jade Hollow?

English, French, Spanish, Latin, Magic.

Sports - What sports are played in The Jade Hollow?

Tether Ball, Chess, Duels, Tournaments.

Laws - What are the laws in The Jade Hollow?

Canadian Laws, No under-aged magic.

Population - What is The Jade Hollow’s population?


Motto - What is The Jade Hollow’s motto?


Currency - What currencies are used in The Jade Hollow?

Canadian Money, Jade Coins.

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Area - What kind of area is The Jade Hollow in?


Climate - What is the climate like in The Jade Hollow?

Never too hot or cold.

Located at - Where is The Jade Hollow located?

Hidden in Canada.

Crops - What crops does The Jade Hollow produce?


book History
Established Year - When was The Jade Hollow established?


Notable Wars - What notable wars has The Jade Hollow been involved in?

The Hollow was founded during the First Mage War, and was a main base during the War of Darkness.

Founding Story - How was The Jade Hollow founded?

It was founded by the 2nd generation Ekikos to train mages to use their powers.

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