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Description - How would you describe a Rajodami?

These creatures enjoy bathing in the kitai springs, and can become very hostile if you disturb them. They prey on small animals and bugs, and occasionally something bigger to feed their babies and mate.

pets Looks
Color - What colors does a Rajodami come in?

Black, grey, and dark green/blue.

Shape - How would you describe the shape of a Rajodami?

Shaped like a cheetah

Size - How big (or small) is the usual Rajodami?

Rajodami are a little smaller than a cheetah

Weight - How much does the usual Rajodami weigh?

Around 38-90 pounds

Notable features - What physical features are most notable for Rajodami?

Their [Insert color here] plates that cover their body for protection

Materials - What materials (feathers, scales, etc) is Rajodami made of?

A rajodami's scales are made of a thick, boney plate

fingerprint Traits
Aggressiveness - How aggressive is the average Rajodami?

When seeing something, let's say, a human, they will notice but not attack. When the human gets closer, the rajodami will face the human and it's plates rise, much like fur or a skunk's tail, as a warning. If the human continues it will making a barking sound to alert others of the danger before pouncing and going for the shoulders. The shoulders, they know, are quite nice to sink one's fangs into, then they retreat. If the human

Method of attack - What methods does a Rajodami use to attack?

Pouncing, trying to get from shoulders up, and then biting and clawing

Methods of defense - How does a Rajodami defend itself from attackers?

After trying the method above ^ They run like they're never run before

Maximum speed - How fast can a Rajodami move?

36 mph

Strengths - What are the notable strengths of Rajodami?


Weaknesses - What are the notable weaknesses of Rajodami?

They have sensitive bellies

Sounds - What sounds does Rajodami make?

They bark like seals and often hiss

Strongest sense - What is Rajodami's strongest sense?

How dangerous their opposer is. Are they mad, and ready to taste some blood? Or are they trying to get by without a fight?

Weakest sense - What is Rajodami's weakest sense?

They can't hear very well at all

location_on Habitat
Preferred habitat - What kind of habitat is best for Rajodami?

A nice spring of kitai

call_split Comparisons
Symbolisms - What symbolisms does Rajodami hold in your world?

If Euadorf has a national animal, these bois would be it

timeline Evolution
scatter_plot Reproduction
Reproduction age - At what age can Rajodami start to reproduce?

Five years

Reproduction frequency - How frequently does Rajodami reproduce?

They usually have two sets of triplets in their lives

Offspring care - How does Rajodami take care of its offspring?

Helicopter parenting in nature

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