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Name - What is Chloe’s full name?


Role - What is Chloe’s role in your story?

Probably the most SUS innocent on the ship

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Forest green

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Underweight, Fit

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Motivations - What motivates Chloe most?

Chloe would like nothing more than to meet an Imposter; which is 100% the reason she came onto this mission. She will do anything to meet one. Anything.

Flaws - What flaws does Chloe have?

Chloe isn't okay mentally. No one is quite sure what's wrong, but because she's missing a few dice short of a game, people don't often take her seriously.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Chloe have?

Chloe is pretty sure humanity is gonna die out in the relative near future, and she'd be perfectly fine being the last human on the ship. Well, with a few exceptions.

Talents - What talents does Chloe have?

Despite being a few chips short of a bag, she's very good with mechanics and technology. She can finish tasks very quickly. She's also an excellent cook, singer, and debate member. (Hence why she hasn't been kicked off yet)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Chloe have?

Cooking, Reading, Singing

Personality type - What personality type is Chloe?

While friendly and chatty, it's pretty obvious that Chloe doesn't view the world the way everyone else does. No one is quite sure if she's as harmless as she says or as dangerous as she seems.

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Grape flavor candy (especially gum), veggie pizza, soup

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Birthday - When is Chloe’s birthday?

December 25

Education - What is Chloe’s level of education?

Doctorate in Science and Technologies

Background - What is Chloe’s background?

What's known about Chloe's past isn't very clear nor pleasant. She obtained her doctorate, and at her previous job she was sexually molested if she ever messed up, resulting in a mental break. While the details are vague, it's clear that being called a 'bad girl' is clearly triggering. Sometime during her past, she obtained a knife throwing skill and was a cheerleader, though no one is certain when and how. She was employed by MIRA because of her advanced knowledge of the parasitic shapeshifters that are the Imposters. And it's primarily this fact that keeps her on the staff.

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edit Notes

  • Chloe's mental state is a direct correlation with overworking. She says her "brain is broken", so it leads to believe she had a mind break of some kind. It's also heavily implied that she has PTSD.

  • According to the male crew members on the ship, she's definitely appealing in appearance, but most of them find her personality and mentality off putting

  • Chloe has a clear distinction between right and wrong, she just "doesn't give a shit anymore".

  • She is skilled in knife throwing. She refuses to state how she came about this skill

  • Chloe's fashion style is "combining baggy with tiny", basically a loose article of clothing with something undersized

  • People find it scary that Chloe is able to run in high heels and not trip

  • She almost didn't get employed, but her knowledge of imposters and tell-tale traits of said imposters was impressive enough to employ her.

  • Chloe used to be a cheerleader

  • The reason she's underweight is because 'sometimes eating is a chore'.

  • Chloe regularly paints her nails

  • She likes sitting in swivel chairs

  • While Chloe likes wearing jewelry, she isn't sure if it looks good on her

  • She spends most of the meetings listening, unless she must state something urgent

  • Chloe has very little faith in humanity because, "humanity has very little faith in [her]". This results in her feeling lonely.

  • Her theme song is "Nightingale" by Demi Lovato.

  • Chloe has contemplated suicide several times, and attempted at least four times


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