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Name - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s full name?

Yuka Matsumoto

Role - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s role in your story?

"I am Sailor Cowry, as the ocean rises, you too shall fall."

Other names - What other aliases does Yuka Matsumoto go by?

Sailor Cowry

Gender - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s gender?


Age - How old is Yuka Matsumoto?


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Height - How tall is Yuka Matsumoto?


Hair Color - What color is Yuka Matsumoto’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Yuka Matsumoto style their hair?

Loose Curls, Long

Eye Color - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s eye color?

Emerald green

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Body Type


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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Yuka Matsumoto have?

Yuka has a "resting bitch face" and normally keeps her hands folded in front of her or with her fingers laced together. When thinking she strokes her fingers, and when nervous she tugs at her earlobe. Yuka will cry when angry, sad or hurt.

Motivations - What motivates Yuka Matsumoto most?

Yuka hold memories of her previous life, living as a guardian of another solar system. She knows that the solar system has long since died, but holds a desire to protect a kind and just celestial kingdom. Because of this, she often acts on this desire, though never taking sides until everything is brought into consideration.

Flaws - What flaws does Yuka Matsumoto have?

Because Yuka simply doesn't care what people think about her, she often ignores criticism, constructive or otherwise.

Talents - What talents does Yuka Matsumoto have?

Singing, Ballet

Hobbies - What hobbies does Yuka Matsumoto have?

Playing video games, playing with her cat, people watching

Personality type - What personality type is Yuka Matsumoto?


Yuka tends to be the type of person who observes more than participates. Not because she isn't interested, rather she finds watching to be more beneficial. She appears to be very passive and quiet, often letting others speak for her. She has a lot of confidence because 99% of the time she just doesn't care what other people think. When someone can get past her quiet and standoffish nature, they find that Yuka is very loving and caring. This is often portrayed as self sacrificing and loyal.

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Occupation - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s occupation?

Student at Juban High School

Favorite color - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s favorite food?

Sukiyaki, Nabeyaki Udon, Calpico

Favorite weapon - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s favorite weapon?

Shell Sword

Favorite animal - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s favorite animal?


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Birthday - When is Yuka Matsumoto’s birthday?

October 13

Background - What is Yuka Matsumoto’s background?

Yuki came to Earth from a dead universe at a very young age, before she realized that she was a Sailor Scout. She was adopted by Matsumoto Hikaru and Masami, and was very loved and cared for. While her tendency to observe was a little odd, she grew up in an average but loving household. When she was 14, she discovered a conch, and bringing it to her ear caused her to transform. She started calling herself "Sailor Cowry" due to knowing something about the Sailor Senshi. While she didn't join them, she often would observe them.

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Pets - What pets does Yuka Matsumoto have?

Cat named Rin

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edit Notes

  • Yuka's voice is more expressive than her face

  • She's been in Usagi's class for about two years

  • Yuka's fighting style is similar to kick boxing mixed with fencing

  • As a child, she wanted to be a mermaid

  • Yuka refers to everyone as "they/them" until they correct her

  • Yuka's resting bitch face is actually a default action when outside of her house. She's much more expressive at home

  • She has a wide vocal range from singing for many years

  • Despite loving the ocean, Yuka's names have more earthy tones (Yuka meaning "fragrant, friendly blossom", Matsumoto meaning "pine tree, root")

  • While she has the ability, Yuka isn't as skilled in swimming as Ami or Michiru


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