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Name - What is Harper Ainsworth’s full name?

Harper Ainsworth

Role - What is Harper Ainsworth’s role in your story?

A musician with savant syndrome

Other names - What other aliases does Harper Ainsworth go by?


Gender - What is Harper Ainsworth’s gender?


face Looks
Weight - How much does Harper Ainsworth weigh?

115 lbs

Height - How tall is Harper Ainsworth?


Hair Color - What color is Harper Ainsworth’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Harper Ainsworth style their hair?

Long hair, wavy

Eye Color - What is Harper Ainsworth’s eye color?

Leaf green

Race - What is Harper Ainsworth’s race?


Skin Tone


Body Type

Full Hour-Glass

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Flaws - What flaws does Harper Ainsworth have?

Harper isn't super confident in her savant abilities, and often backs it up with 'what if it stops?'.

Talents - What talents does Harper Ainsworth have?

Due to her Savant Syndrome, Harper can easily learn how to play any instrument. (Her personal favorites are electric bass and singing)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Harper Ainsworth have?

Playing video games, singing, sharing memes, watching internet videos, window shopping


Savant Syndrome

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Occupation - What is Harper Ainsworth’s occupation?

Back up "musician"

Favorite color - What is Harper Ainsworth’s favorite color?

Anything found in nature

Favorite food - What is Harper Ainsworth’s favorite food?

Teka Maki, Udon, Pot Roast, Margarita Pizza

date_range History
Birthday - When is Harper Ainsworth’s birthday?

December 1st, 1982

Education - What is Harper Ainsworth’s level of education?

Some College

Background - What is Harper Ainsworth’s background?

Harper was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. By the time she was three, her Savant Syndrome came through and she learned to play the piano and making up songs (none of which were super profound considering she was three). By the time she hit 6th grade, she was transferred out of regular school and into a school for musicians. After she graduated, she tried going to college only to find out she didn't actually need a degree in music to play music and then proceeded to drop out.

Harper was often a backup musician for several pop stars, and this was how she managed to make a steady income for a very long time. Around 2018, she ran into a very disheartened Noodle. After some girl-to-girl talking, they started doing some musician-to-musician talking. It was during this that Harper found out that Ace, the temporary replacement for Murdoc, was ill and couldn't perform for the concert that was scheduled for later that evening. Harper said she could play bass, and if she got to look at the music, she'd be happy to 'substitute for the substitute'.

After this, 2D hired Harper as a stand by back up; basically being paid to hang out with the group. While Murdoc wasn't happy to find this out, he figured having some more estrogen in the group wouldn't hurt, and it would make having to replace someone short notice be easy. Harper mostly stays behind the scenes, though the few times she's seen, it's in the background.

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edit Notes

  • Harper mentions briefly that her birth parents are divorced and she now has a half sibling "young enough to be her child"

  • She has no memory of making up songs as a child, but she's heard recordings of which "are very similar to typical music directed for children"

  • When asked what her relationship with everyone in the Gorillaz is, she simply states "Let's say we're all friendly and leave it at that". Despite this, she tends to spend most of her time with 2-D and Noodle

  • Every time Murdoc has been seen trying to flirt with Harper, she is visibly disgusted and often hit's him as a result

  • Harper believes she's a musician because "that's all she's good at anymore"

  • According to Russel, 2-D and Harper will often send each other memes late at night and they can be heard laughing from different ends of Kong

  • Harper's favorite musicians are Kesha, Demi Lovato, Meghan Trainor, and Pink. But she'll listen to everything once

  • She spends a lot of her time wandering around and singing to herself


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