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Name - What is Jvars Hertig’s full name?

Jvars Hertig

Role - What is Jvars Hertig’s role in your story?

Organization Member - possible ‘leader’, but as Novis Monde is decentralized, there is no official leader. Consider him to be one of the more well known members, rather.

Age - How old is Jvars Hertig?


Gender - What is Jvars Hertig’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Jvars Hertig go by?

Grey Eyes; The Bomber

face Looks
Hair Style - How does Jvars Hertig style their hair?

Not entirely visible, but short hair. Not closely shaved to the scalp, but not below the ears or anything. Weird mixture of curly and straight hair; curly when wet, straight if otherwise.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Jvars Hertig have?

Nothing visible. As far as anyone’s concerned, he may have none.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Jvars Hertig have?

Same tattoo as all Novis members - smallish tattoo of a three headed dragon. Jvars’s tattoo is on his back.

Body Type

Tall, lankier compared to most people. He does have muscle - he’s not completely lacking it, but he’s a lot thinner.

Skin Tone


Race - What is Jvars Hertig’s race?

Human of Swiss-French descendant.

Eye Color - What is Jvars Hertig’s eye color?

Early on in comic: Grey

Later in comic: Light grey, unnaturally so - result of Antimatter technology exposure.

Weight - How much does Jvars Hertig weigh?


Height - How tall is Jvars Hertig?


Hair Color - What color is Jvars Hertig’s hair?

Platinum blond.

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Talents - What talents does Jvars Hertig have?

Considerably good with building things from scratch (of the more mechanic stuff, but he’s also good with the things that go ‘boom boom.’
Good with defusing bombs. Not that he wants to. Just in case, though.
Can speak French and English. A bit of Latin if need be. Able to read French and English, not Latin.


Often, from just looking at him, you would not expect him to be so bombastic. He’s not afraid to speak or display his opinion by whatever means necessary. Nothing is off limits for him - and he’s become quite the role model to the Novis Monde. Perhaps what makes people view him as quiet is due to how he can remain during the occasional meeting, but those who are with Jvars regularly could tell you wrong. And if you give him a chance - he is likely to be quite talkative. He’s careful not to let anything slip, though.

He dislikes failure, but does not how to deal with it - failure of others or himself. Violence is usually his answer.

Despite that, he remains loyal to the cause of Novis Monde, and highly protective of other members. He never leaves another member behind - at least, not without a purpose.


Later on:

  • Antimatter Exposure: when a human is exposed to enough of antimatter tech, they become closer to the world known as Delta Zone; the alien dimension next to Earth. Notable symptoms are lightening of the eyes and perhaps insanity, but since AE was only recently discovered, not much is known what happens to the victims, nor anything about Delta Zone aside from the fact it exists. Eventually, one might be pulled into Delta Zone. Jvars has low Antimatter Exposure symptoms.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Jvars Hertig have?

Tends to fan his hand around, especially when stationary. Will do the same with his legs when sitting down for long periods of time. Taps feet on ground.

Motivations - What motivates Jvars Hertig most?

Destabilizing all authority. Pure chaos. Mass extinction. Essentially the goals of Novis Monde.

Flaws - What flaws does Jvars Hertig have?

Close minded, extremely hesitant to fall from his own ways. Tends to not think of the things that can come out of his actions. Makes goals that he won’t be able to complete. Not good at dealing with problems.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Jvars Hertig have?

Against those not apart of Novis Monde and unwilling to join. Sees those people as sheep, following the rest of the herd. Dislikes that the people won’t see to his ways and join them.

groups Social
Favorite weapon - What is Jvars Hertig’s favorite weapon?

Bombs. Stuff that usually puts on a show. He holds no qualms against using the occasional gun, though.

Favorite possession - What is Jvars Hertig’s favorite possession?

While a temporary thing, he was quite fond of his antimatter bomb.

Favorite food - What is Jvars Hertig’s favorite food?


Favorite color - What is Jvars Hertig’s favorite color?


Occupation - What is Jvars Hertig’s occupation?

Member of the organization, Novis Monde

Politics - What politics does Jvars Hertig have?

He does have some, but not quite. Not in the traditional sense, either way. Alongside many of the Novis Monde members, he wants extinction. Worldwide extinction of everything, and everyone. He’ll do anything to get that. It does delve into politics, of course.

Religion - What religion does Jvars Hertig practice?

Tapped into Christianity as child (parents were christians.) He never quite fell into it. What he did believe in was quite old as well. A three headed dragon, the one who came from the stars. Although, he never actually knew his god’s name up until a group of people figured out what the Novis Monde worshipped and told him. He didn’t believe them until he met the god faces to face, though.

info History
Education - What is Jvars Hertig’s level of education?

Most of what he’s learned is by no means professional, only a few things were taught by private instructors and no more. Some of it was learned at schools, but Jvars never finished high school.
Much of it was self taught.

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As far as I have planned for the comic - Jvars has no face reveal, hence the lack of facial features being lacking. This could change with time.

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