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Name - What is Riley’s full name?


Role - What is Riley’s role in your story?

A munchkin cat with a desire for the spotlight

Gender - What is Riley’s gender?


Age - How old is Riley?


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Weight - How much does Riley weigh?

36 lbs

Height - How tall is Riley?


Hair Color - What color is Riley’s hair?

Salt and Pepper

Hair Style - How does Riley style their hair?

Spiky, long

Eye Color - What is Riley’s eye color?

Jade green

Race - What is Riley’s race?

Munchkin Nebelung Cat

Body Type


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Riley have?

Bandages around fingers and toes

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Riley have?

Much like other cats, Riley's ears and tail are telltale signs of emotions. Ears lie flat against her head and her tail bristles when angry, ears perk up and her tail swishes when happy or curious. The least telling is her eyes.

Motivations - What motivates Riley most?

Riley dreams of being a performer, and while she's willing to make sacrifices to do so, she'll never step on others to reach her goals. She tends to be self reliant.

Flaws - What flaws does Riley have?

Riley believes in her skills, but not in her appearance. She considers flirting to be insulting; believing that no one would find her attractive.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Riley have?

Riley has a dislike for herbivores who are more than twice her size.

Talents - What talents does Riley have?

Dancing, Singing, Acting

Hobbies - What hobbies does Riley have?

Animation (via computer), Reading Manga, Video Games, Listening to Music



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Occupation - What is Riley’s occupation?

Student, Performer

Favorite color - What is Riley’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Riley’s favorite food?

Tempura, Sushi

Favorite weapon - What is Riley’s favorite weapon?

Her Temper

Favorite animal - What is Riley’s favorite animal?

Rabbits, Canines

date_range History
Birthday - When is Riley’s birthday?

December 14th

Education - What is Riley’s level of education?

High School

Background - What is Riley’s background?

Riley has known she wanted to dance since she was very young, and tried to attend a dance school near the end of elementary school. The dance instructor kept adding requirements, which Riley met until the end. Finally, the last requirement added was 'no carnivores allowed unless declawed'. The following week, Riley showed up missing a third of each finger and half of each toe, barely able to stand but willing to do anything. The herbivore still refused to let her in, calling Riley a freak. Eventually Riley saved up for prosthetics, and relearned to walk, write and dance.

Eventually she earned a scholarship to Cherryton Academy, and became fast friends with Haru, who she felt a kinship to (seeing as they were small for their species). And through hard work and percipience, she made her way into the arts program, her talent only rivaled by Louis.

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  • Riley is pescatarian (doesn't eat meat except for fish)

  • Her favorite trait about rabbits are their cheeks, and her favorite trait about canines are the variety of tails

  • Riley is a very vocal advocate of consent, and is willing to get suspended for physical aggression if it means stopping a rapist

  • Riley purrs loudly

  • Her hands from her "fingers" to just before the knuckle are wrapped in bandages (similar to her feet). This is a preventative measure to make sure her prosthetics don't fall off

  • She judges temperature using her wrist

  • Riley's dream is to be in musical theatre or pop music (and maybe get married)

  • The few times she's bitten someone is out of self-defense, and she spits out the blood

  • The main reason if Riley trips is because one of her toe prosthetics fell off

  • On top of being in the arts, Riley joined the gardening club

  • Riley is not a virgin

  • She is non-discriminatory about bullying, and intervenes regardless of species

  • She's absolutely against "slut shaming"

  • Riley's family consists of her mother, her step father and her half brother (her father was absent before she was born)

  • Her brother is 12 years younger than her

  • In a way, Riley has three father figures: her birth father, "Benji Papa" (her mom's ex), and her official step father, Thomas

  • Because she is a munchkin cat, she's a fair amount shorter than her parents. Chances are by the time her brother is in middle school, he'll be taller than her.

  • While Riley does have a crush on Louis, it's not because of his looks or talent, rather than the fact that he "has an unshakable confidence... (and) a leader's aura that makes anyone want to follow him..." (Basically she thinks he's cool)

  • Her favorite place to nap is in the grass under a tree

  • Riley seems to have equal attraction to carnivores and herbivores. Rather than based on species, it's based on personality and "the way one holds themselves"

  • She is a major romantic and tends to "ship" people together (i.e. Legoshi and Haru)

  • Based on certain statements, Riley seems very knowledgeable of fetishes and porn in general

  • She takes naps in Haru's shed when it's not being used for "other" purposes

  • Riley's dancing style is reminiscent of Noah Epps, combining very elegant and graceful movements with movements that appear very unnatural and almost unnerving ones.


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