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Name - What is Maria’s full name?


Role - What is Maria’s role in your story?

The Puppeteer

Gender - What is Maria’s gender?


face Looks
Hair Style - How does Maria style their hair?

Long hair, curly

Eye Color - What is Maria’s eye color?


Race - What is Maria’s race?


Body Type

shapely, short

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Motivations - What motivates Maria most?

The puppeteer wants to know more about the people she and the batter interact with. After all, how she goes about things is largely based on who she's around... or working with.

Flaws - What flaws does Maria have?

The puppeteer often let's her emotions and morals dictate what she has the batter do. Because she has a somewhat short fuse, especially when something she values is damaged, she will step in to handle things herself rather than to use the batter.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Maria have?

She considers those who attack lesser beings. She believes, "you shouldn't start a fight; but if someone picks a fight, finish it."

Talents - What talents does Maria have?

Programming and Engineering

Hobbies - What hobbies does Maria have?

It's implied that the Puppeteer likes video games. But it's also hinted that she enjoys cooking, singing and napping

Personality type - What personality type is Maria?

ENFP-T (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Prospecting, Turbulent)

While very social and friendly, the puppeteer tends to prefer being the quiet observer. Her emotions can change on a dime, and she doesn't often contain them.

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Religion - What religion does Maria practice?


Favorite color - What is Maria’s favorite color?

Gem tones

Favorite food - What is Maria’s favorite food?

Stew, Wonton Noodle Soup, Sukiyaki

Favorite weapon - What is Maria’s favorite weapon?

The Batter's Batt

Favorite animal - What is Maria’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Maria have?

The Puppeteer

date_range History
Education - What is Maria’s level of education?

Doctorate in Engineering

Background - What is Maria’s background?

Not much is known, about the Puppeteer. She seems aware of the fact that she isn't of "this world", and that something is wrong. She officially met the Batter in "the beginning" in zone 0, but didn't make an appearance until they came across the Judge. She seems to have a similar feel as Zacharie.

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edit Notes

  • Maria is a tentative name, as she primarily goes by "Puppeteer"

  • She hates being called "god"

  • Besides the ability to come and go as she pleases, she has the ability to take away the Batter's bat. It's unknown if she has other powers

  • She will never hurt children, nor will she let others

  • When asked "why is she here?" her response was "it seemed interesting"

  • Her behavior seems whimsical, and seems prone to spacing out

  • She finds the elements of the zones to be toxic, but states "who am I to judge?"

  • It's hard to detect her age, but it's thought that she's older than 15 and younger than 40

  • She had a cat in the past, and it's passing still makes her sad

  • Her sounds vary depending on who it's directed at. Toward the Batter, she says "Mhm" (like she's agreeing). With the Judge, she makes a kitten like "Meow" (around Valerie, she says "Nya!"). With Zacharie, she giggles. With Dedan, Japhet, and Enoch, she makes an irritated grumble. But during the fight with Japhet, she makes an angry scream that ends in a sob. With Sugar, she simply makes a confused "huh?" sound. Around Hugo and The Queen, she says "We can't!"

  • Based on her reactions, it can be implied that she truly cares for everyone

  • She likes to laugh

  • She tends to avoid throwing down the "doctor" card as much as possible


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