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Name - What is Emica Tsunoda’s full name?

Emica Tsunoda

Other names - What other aliases does Emica Tsunoda go by?

Emi, Mika

Gender - What is Emica Tsunoda’s gender?


Age - How old is Emica Tsunoda?


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Weight - How much does Emica Tsunoda weigh?

104 lbs

Height - How tall is Emica Tsunoda?


Hair Color - What color is Emica Tsunoda’s hair?

Caramel Brown

Hair Style - How does Emica Tsunoda style their hair?

Loose Curls, Long

Eye Color - What is Emica Tsunoda’s eye color?

Emerald green

Race - What is Emica Tsunoda’s race?


Skin Tone

Fair, Freckled

Body Type


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Flaws - What flaws does Emica Tsunoda have?

She goes about her life unquestioningly, believing everyone has the best of intentions. Which means that she's easily tricked.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Emica Tsunoda have?

Because she wants to live in a world with only good people with good intentions, she believes bad people should be killed on the spot.

Talents - What talents does Emica Tsunoda have?

Cooking, Baking

Hobbies - What hobbies does Emica Tsunoda have?

Cooking, Singing, Dressing up

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Occupation - What is Emica Tsunoda’s occupation?


Favorite color - What is Emica Tsunoda’s favorite color?

Pastels and muted colors

Favorite food - What is Emica Tsunoda’s favorite food?

Crepes (sweet and savory), Sukiyaki, Gyoza, Takoyaki

Favorite animal - What is Emica Tsunoda’s favorite animal?

Anything soft and cute

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edit Notes

  • Emica dresses in lolita style because she feels like a porcelain doll; pretty to look at, but easy to break

  • Emica smells like fruit and flowers

  • Emica greatly modified her school uniform to fit the "sailor lolita" style

  • Emica's favorite lolita styles are casual, classic, hime, sweet, and wa loli


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