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Name - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s full name?

Juniper Leann Abbey

Role - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s role in your story?

A soul previously sent to purgatory before accidentally getting stuck in Hell

Other names - What other aliases does Juniper Leann Abbey go by?


Gender - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s gender?


Age - How old is Juniper Leann Abbey?


face Looks
Height - How tall is Juniper Leann Abbey?

5'6" (168cm)

Hair Color - What color is Juniper Leann Abbey’s hair?

Auburn, Pink Ombre

Hair Style - How does Juniper Leann Abbey style their hair?

Undercut, Long, Loose Curls

Eye Color - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s eye color?

green (left) and pink (right)

Race - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s race?

Ragdoll Humanoid

Skin Tone

(Pre-Hell) Fair, (In Hell) Pink and blue

Body Type


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Juniper Leann Abbey have?

June is primarily pastel, it's kind of hard to miss. She's also covered in stitches

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Motivations - What motivates Juniper Leann Abbey most?

June never wanted to die because she didn't want to cease to exist. Despite no longer being in purgatory, June is satisfied being stuck in Hell so long as she could continue to exist as herself.

Flaws - What flaws does Juniper Leann Abbey have?

June's anxieties about ceasing to exist deter her from making progress in certain things.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Juniper Leann Abbey have?

While she believes "to each their own", June strongly dislikes when someone's lifestyle affects her own in a negative way. She thinks people like that are selfish and attention seekers. And she's rather vocal about this.

Talents - What talents does Juniper Leann Abbey have?

Singing, Categorizing, Organizing

Hobbies - What hobbies does Juniper Leann Abbey have?

Napping, reading, karaoke, social drinking, casual partying


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Juniper Leann Abbey practice?


Occupation - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s occupation?

Purgatory Clerk (previously)

Favorite color - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s favorite color?

Pink (rose), Pastel Blue, Yellow

Favorite food - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s favorite food?

Pot Roast, Stew, Sushi

Favorite possession - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s favorite possession?

Music player, her laptop

Favorite weapon - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s favorite weapon?

Baseball Bat

Favorite animal - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Juniper Leann Abbey have?

Soul Documentation/Registration

date_range History
Birthday - When is Juniper Leann Abbey’s birthday?

March 3, 1991

Education - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s level of education?

Some College

Background - What is Juniper Leann Abbey’s background?

June died in 2018 from car crash resulting in bleeding to death. Because her virtues balanced out her sins, she was sent to purgatory until she proves she’s worthy of Heaven or Hell. On a correction assignment, she went to Hell to find a soul that was incorrectly assigned there. Unfortunately, she spent too long looking and got “stuck”. So until she can find away to free herself to go back, she’s staying with Charlie and Vaggie and monitoring souls attempting to be redeemed.

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edit Notes

  • June has minor manipulation of shadows and light, along with the power to summon and dismiss a soul’s profile; which has details of their sins, virtues, mortal relationships and details about their death

  • June first was wearing business attire, but then switched to a more casual and flirty style

  • June being a ragdoll was inspired by Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, however being filled with sawdust is inspired by Coraline

  • June's worst sin is sloth, followed by envy and lust

  • In June's room, she has a endless filing cabinet with files about each soul in Hell. While she doesn't technically need the physical copies due to it all being on her laptop, she feels more comfortable showing people a file rather than her computer

  • Normally for June, she designates certain songs to certain people based on their appearance and personality

  • June can separate her body parts wherever there are stitches and it doesn't hurt her (and sawdust sometimes comes out). However if she cuts or injures somewhere that doesn't have stitches, it hurts and she bleeds.

  • June is very comfortable with nudity. She doesn't mind people being naked around people or people being naked around her. This can be confusing for some people

  • June is a weebo

  • June has a collection of fashion magazine clippings of outfits she wants to own or recreate

  • While there isn't much to go off of, it's implied that June worked with children before she died

  • While June can't jump particularly high or far, she can use her manipulation of shadows to throw herself. This is mostly beneficial during a fight.

  • June has maybe told... three people her full name. She doesn't hate it, she just feels like no one "gets it".

  • June wasn't named after anyone or anything in particular, her parents just liked how it sounded

  • Her sun sign is Pisces, and her moon sign is Libra.

  • June sleeps on her side in a partial fetal position with a pillow between her knees. Apparently if she doesn't, her hips hurt the next day.

  • During high school, June was a cheerleader

  • June learned to drive at the age of 13 and officially got her license at 17

  • She learned to drive early because her parents said “when you know how to drive, you can go wherever you want”. She took that literally


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