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Name - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s full name?

Beatrice D'Amore

Role - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s role in your story?

The Kindred

Other names - What other aliases does Beatrice D'Amore go by?


Gender - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s gender?


Age - How old is Beatrice D'Amore?

Older Teen - Young Adult

face Looks
Hair Color - What color is Beatrice D'Amore’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Beatrice D'Amore style their hair?

Long hair, straight, pigtails

Eye Color - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s eye color?

Dark Green

Race - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s race?


Skin Tone

Fair, Freckled

Body Type

Slim, Fit

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Beatrice D'Amore have?

Various cuts, bruises and scars from constant abuse from her father

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Beatrice D'Amore have?

Being in her late teens and early adulthood, Bee is both confident and anxious about her future. When it comes to things she knows about, she stands tall(er) and happily shares her knowledge. On the other hand, Bee is quietly curious about things she doesn't know. If asked what she does know, she tends to reply, "Only what is written in books, nothing else."

Motivations - What motivates Beatrice D'Amore most?

After having come to The Constant, Bee realizes that if she doesn't go home soon, she'll miss her graduation from school and her father will notice that she took his gun. While she wants to make friends with the others in The Constant, she is anxious about going home so she doesn't have to repeat a grade and so she won't get in trouble.

Flaws - What flaws does Beatrice D'Amore have?

While Bee is proficient in long range attacks, she is lack luster in short range; only dealing half as much damage up close as she would from a distance.

Talents - What talents does Beatrice D'Amore have?

Bee is very quick with crafting when it comes to metal and deals a lot of damage when using her gun. When accompanying Wes, she will stop what she's doing to move him away from danger (this can be beneficial or just annoying). With other characters, she will move to stand between anyone weaker than herself.

She can sing and understands sign language.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Beatrice D'Amore have?

Singing, reading, napping, chatting, gardening


Bee shows signs of being a victim of abuse and PTSD. Anytime she gets hurt, she simply says "Nothing hits harder than him" as if even the strongest boss is nothing compared to whoever beats her. Sometimes after a fight she'll cover her face and shiver; this lasts about a minute. During this time, her sanity drops 10 points.

Bee also has Nyctophobia. If not with another character, her sanity will completely diminish within ten seconds when in the dark. Her death is indicated with a "scream" if she dies from insanity.

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Religion - What religion does Beatrice D'Amore practice?


Politics - What politics does Beatrice D'Amore have?

Neutral Good

Occupation - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s occupation?


Favorite color - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s favorite food?

Almost anything with meat

Favorite possession - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s favorite possession?

Her rose

Favorite weapon - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s favorite weapon?

Her father's pistol

Favorite animal - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s favorite animal?

In "real" world: Sheep
In "The Current": Catcoons

date_range History
Education - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s level of education?

High School(?)

Background - What is Beatrice D'Amore’s background?

Before stumbling into The Constant, Bee lived with her father, her mother and her sister. Early on, her parents left each other and her mother took Bee's sister. Bee became responsible for all of the housework. No female on her mother's side had ever completed school for similar reasons (getting married, running away from home, etc), so Bee was determined to finish school while taking care of the house.

However, Bee's father was never happy that her attention was divided. He would often physically abuse her if she wasn't home on time or if food wasn't served right away. But Bee became more durable because of this. She gained a higher pain tolerance. She developed a resolve that she would never let someone weaker than her experience what she did, regardless of how much it might physically hurt her.

Bee came across The Constant on accident, and isn't even sure how she got here. All she remembers is running away with her father's pistol and a pink rose that was pressed into a book. She does seem anxious to get home, but oddly more relaxed than when she first arrived.

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edit Notes

- Bee’s in game voice is a Shinobue flute. Her English voice actress would be Jennifer Paz.
- Bee has a fair amount of knowledge of "mythical" beings and sometimes will question on if something is real or if the title is accurate.
- Bee is easily amused and somewhat easily distracted
- Bee's rose is a pressed flower and is dried out. It can't be thrown away or used, it simply takes up space.
- Bee got her nickname because she won a spelling bee.
- Bee learned sign language at the same time she learned to speak, making her bilingual
- Bee is covered in scars, bruises and cuts. Some of her companions might comment that she smells of "blood and flowers"
- Bee's primary outfit is a school uniform. Her secondary outfit is her "work" clothes
- Bee's left hand is wounded because she punched a tree just before she come to The Constant
- When it comes to writing, Bee is right handed. But for just about everything else, she's ambidextrous
- When Bee arrived to The Constant, she already had nine injuries, the freshest being her left hand.

Verbal Observations:
Rabbit: "Jackalope?"
Pengul: "That ain't right..."
Catcoon: "It's a fur baby!"
Beefalo: "Oh! ... oh..."
Tallbird: "How about no!"
Mandrake: "Manticora? ... wait..."
Pig: "Are they supposed to be bipedal?"
Butterfly: "Aw..."
Bees: "Bzz bzz."
Moose/Goose: "Um... nope!"
Deerclops: "Deer god!"
Spider Queen: "Hey! I saved your babies from drowning in my bathtub!"
Treeguard: "I knew it!"
Dragonfly: "I don't think that's what they meant...!"
Queen Bee: "Long live the queen?"


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