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Name - What is Chika Fujimoto’s full name?

Chika Fujimoto

Role - What is Chika Fujimoto’s role in your story?

A young woman fascinated with Chinese Folklore

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Gender - What is Chika Fujimoto’s gender?


Age - How old is Chika Fujimoto?


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Weight - How much does Chika Fujimoto weigh?

115 lbs

Height - How tall is Chika Fujimoto?


Hair Color - What color is Chika Fujimoto’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Chika Fujimoto style their hair?


Eye Color - What is Chika Fujimoto’s eye color?

Emerald green

Race - What is Chika Fujimoto’s race?


Skin Tone

Fair Freckled

Body Type


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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Chika Fujimoto have?

Chika has a very "gentle" and "soft" way of speaking that is often associated with those who were raised in more traditional families. However, when she gets excited, she stumbles on her words and sometimes says things incorrectly. This is due to her processing disorder, which makes speaking quickly and understanding someone who speaks quickly rather difficult. Though it's not for a lack of trying.

Motivations - What motivates Chika Fujimoto most?

Chika loves mythology and folklore. She tends to spend lots of time reading books that contain stories about said folklore and sometimes even childrens stories from different cultures. For a long time, she had difficulties reading and processing words, but her love of Chinese folklore drove her to become better at reading. While she's still considered slow, she's much faster than she used to be.

Flaws - What flaws does Chika Fujimoto have?

Despite her knowledge of her skin sensitivity, Chika would happily develop an all-over skin rash if it meant that she could wear a silk Qui-Pou. She tends to put things she likes over her health, which sometimes results in her having to go to the hospital.

Talents - What talents does Chika Fujimoto have?

Dancing, Flute, Drawing

Hobbies - What hobbies does Chika Fujimoto have?

Reading, Drawing, Listening to Music, Window Shopping


Chika is allergic to certain materials and dyes, which results in her breaking out in a rash that looks and feels like burns. Certain types of silk can result in blisters, which upsets her because she loves silk.

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Occupation - What is Chika Fujimoto’s occupation?


Favorite color - What is Chika Fujimoto’s favorite color?

Sacramento Green

Favorite food - What is Chika Fujimoto’s favorite food?

Tuna Maki, Tempura Rolls, Tuna Onigiri, Steamed Porkbuns, Dumplings

Favorite possession - What is Chika Fujimoto’s favorite possession?

Her book of Chinese Folklore and Fairytales

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Birthday - When is Chika Fujimoto’s birthday?

August 29th

Education - What is Chika Fujimoto’s level of education?

High School

Background - What is Chika Fujimoto’s background?

Chika was born on August 29th and was brought to the Soma estate after a month. Her parents explained to Akira and Ren that they had a dream that their children were destined to be wed. After about two years, Ren had enough of their visits and forbid them from bringing their daughter to the estate ever again. After that Chika lived quietly with her parents until she was about ten, which was around the time her parents had a bad divorce. While they still love and support her, she wasn't oblivious to the arguments and harsh words they would exchange with each other.

Growing up, she tried to be a star student, being in as many clubs and after school activities as possible in an attempt to cover up her pain from the divorce. During a bookclub, she found a book about ancient chinese folklore. After she stole the book from the school library, she hid it until the book was replaced. To this day she still carries it in her bag. While in middle school, Chika ran a personal experiment to see if she could tell if someone was lying or not. While she wasn't very successful in that aspect, she discovered that she could determine certain aspects about a person through a number of key factors. Though she kept it a secret and just said that she could tell because "the eyes are the windows to the soul". This made her incredibly popular, though also quite disliked.

In high school, Chika lowered the number of clubs down to one; music. She was well liked, though not as popular as she once was. Every two weeks she would move between living with her mother and living with her father. She receives lots of praise from both of them, though she often craves something more; something "whole".

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Pets - What pets does Chika Fujimoto have?

A cat

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edit Notes

  • Chika is two years younger than Akito, and a year older than Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru

  • The nickname "Chi" was actually given to her by Akito when she was very little. Her parents kept using it because it was cute, and her friends heard it and used it as well

  • Chika was born in the year of the Ram

  • She's actually a lot stronger than she looks

  • Because Chika's parents are divorced, she lives with each one bi-weekly.

  • Chika often forgets that she likes to cook, so it's not something that she does often

  • After graduation, Chika gets two part time jobs; one as a florist, and another as a book store clerk

  • During the career evaluation, Chika said she wanted to get married. She graduated without knowing what career she'd want
    -Japanese Voice Actress: Mariya Ise


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