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Name - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s full name?

Charlotte "Charley" Dixon

Role - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s role in your story?

The New Kid in South Park

Other names - What other aliases does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon go by?

The Amazing Butthole

Gender - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s gender?

Cisgender Female

Age - How old is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon?

Nine and a Half Years Old (as of Fractured But Whole)
18-years-old (RP age)

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Weight - How much does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon weigh?

62 lbs (as of Fractured but Whole)
150 lbs (in RP)

Height - How tall is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon?

4 feet (as of Fractured but Whole)
4'11" (in RP)

Hair Color - What color is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s hair?

Auburn, occasionally dyed an ombre pink color

Hair Style - How does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon style their hair?

Long hair, wavy

Eye Color - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s eye color?

Forest green

Race - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s race?

White American

Skin Tone

Fair Freckled

Body Type

Developing (as of Fractured but Whole)
Pear-Shaped (in RP)

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Charley doesn't talk very often simply because she doesn't feel the need to. Most of what she wants to say is conveyed in her facial expressions and body language; and most people can pick up pretty quickly on what she's thinking. Though more often than not, she enjoys watching people try to figure out what she's thinking.

When she finally does speak, Charley is very soft spoken; though can become very chatty when she's excited. She speaks in a way that is a mix between 'valley girl/beach babe' and 'southern drawl', often using slang from both ends. This is due to her mother growing up in Southern California and her father growing up in the south west.

Motivations - What motivates Charlotte "Charley" Dixon most?

Charley mostly looks for answers and a better understanding of the world around her; but becoming better friends with her peers is always a good thing in her book. She doesn't like the idea of gender-norms; enjoying activities that are considered more masculine but also having a preference for female attire. This is probably why she tends to hang around boys.

Flaws - What flaws does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Because Charley doesn't speak and is still developing physically, she's often mistaken for a boy (despite the fact that she wears female attire and has long eyelashes). And even though she gets irritated that her friends often assume she is a boy, she doesn't feel like explaining her gender would help them understand. She sometimes has a "greater than thou" mentality when it comes to explanations and her understanding of the world around her, but often has to remind herself that she is in fact only in the fourth grade.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Due to Charley's "greater than thou" mentality, she often thinks less of people who are either ignorant of certain topics or who have a misconstrued appreciation of something. Examples of this are Craig's dad thinking that Shonenai is Yaoi and girls only liking Vampires because of the Twilight series. She views people who fall into these categories or similar categories "complete and utter imbeciles who have no hope of ascending to a greater path of knowledge".

Talents - What talents does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Charley has advanced knowledge in music (proven by her ability to play the mandolin), and has extreme control of her anus to the point of it being considered a weapon. She's also a fairly good artist.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Playing video games, playing pretend/roleplay, hanging out with her friends, watching TV, reading manga, surfing the internet, playing phone app games, watching "Let's Play" videos on the internet, sewing

Personality type - What personality type is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon?

While not talkative, Charley is very friendly and can befriend almost anyone she so chooses. However, it is just as easy to irritate her with ignorance or just plain stupidity. Charley can also seem manipulative because of the fact that she chooses not to talk simply because she finds it funny to watch some people struggle to know what she's thinking and for people to completely assume the wrong thing.

When she does get to the point of speaking, Charley tends to be soft spoken; but still generally rather friendly. Though when irritated, she tends to take a rather condescending and mocking tone; often using sarcasm. Being well read, her vocabulary is rather extensive, and she often uses long words when irritated to emphasize how little she thinks of people.

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Religion - What religion does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon practice?

Neutral Unitarian and/or Wiccan

Politics - What politics does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Neutral Liberal

Occupation - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s occupation?

Fourth Grade Student (as of Fractured But Whole)
High School Student (in RP)

Favorite color - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s favorite color?

Rose Gold/Muted Pink, Navy Blue, Pastel Blue, Yellow

Favorite food - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s favorite food?

Sushi, Noodles, Spaghetti with Garlic Cream Sauce, Veggie Pizza, Pot Roast, Garlic Cheesy Bread, Hot Chocolate

Favorite possession - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s favorite possession?

Hand-Held Video Game System

Favorite weapon - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s favorite weapon?

Her butt

Favorite animal - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

Freelance Artist (in RP)

date_range History
Education - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s level of education?

Fourth Grade (as of Fractured But Whole)
High School Graduate (in RP)

Background - What is Charlotte "Charley" Dixon’s background?

Because of the fact that her parents were social media celebrities and wanted to protect her child, Charley moved around a lot. It wasn't until they moved to South Park that they decided to settle down. While her parents believed that they were giving her medication that would cause her to forget who she was and what her talents were when it came to social media, all the medication really did was cause her to have horrible gas.

It was unclear when Charley decided to stop talking, but the initial motive behind it was so she wouldn't tell people about what was going on with her family which would ultimately cause them to move again. Through the rest of elementary school and part of middle school, Charley remained silent by choice (thus it's not considered selective mutism).

After the events of "Fractured but Whole", Charley's family moves once again; but this time to California. After several years, they move back to South Park, in which case she takes on the title of "Renewed Kid"; seeing as this is not the first time she's live here. It's only during her reuniting with Cartman that she properly introduces herself and shows him and the group pictures of her with them and of their time together. It's even revealed that she kept in touch with Wendy and that she's kept tabs on everyone through Instagram and other social media. When asked why she never spoke to them during her previous stay, or even why she never told them she was in fact female, she simply says, "I didn't feel like it."

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Pets - What pets does Charlotte "Charley" Dixon have?

A black domestic cat named Munchkin

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edit Notes

  • Charley really likes Ms. Cartman, and views her as a sort of auntie

  • Even now, she still has some of her old “greater than thou” mentality

  • Charley has had a crush on Kenny since Stick of Truth

  • She worked with Timmy on how to turn the “Freedom Pals” movie franchise into a comic book format

  • While not nearly as gassy, Charley still has amazing control of her butt

  • Charley has a tattoo that can’t be seen with clothes on

  • When she moved, she stayed in contact with Wendy


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