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Name - What is Khetve’s full name?


Role - What is Khetve’s role in your story?

Shura's tutor, Cassandra's employer

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"obnoxious, arrogant, loud-mouthed bother"
"why do you assume you're the smartest in the room"

Pronunciation Notes

If you pronounced "cat-veh" with a French-sounding accent - emphasis on the first syllable, with a short vowel sound.

Gender - What is Khetve’s gender?


Age - How old is Khetve?


face Looks
Height - How tall is Khetve?

Like 1,69m
Kinda on the shorter side

Weight - How much does Khetve weigh?

76 kg

Body Type

One big wrinkle basically
The thing is that he used to be a lot larger than he is, but he lost a lot of weight after his wife died and he hasn't gotten it back so he's also got a bunch of extra skin hanging out - chest at 113 cm, waist 99, hips 103, inseam 77, 1 hour of exercise a week.

that but as a walking wrinkle.

Eye Color - What is Khetve’s eye color?


Hair Color - What color is Khetve’s hair?


Facial Hair - What facial hair does Khetve have?


Hair Style - How does Khetve style their hair?

Shoulder length maybe? Picture Beethoven but with thin, stringy hair

Race - What is Khetve’s race?


Skin Tone

Bleh sort of pasty tan

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Khetve have?

He's old y'all (w r i n k l e s)
Mouth is pretty small and lips are thin. Prominent nose. Holds his head pretty high, posture is meh.
Face is kinda long.

Beauty Standards

He used to fit the beauty standards very well (longish hair, pretty heavy) but when his wife died he lost a lot of weight and shaved completely. Which everyone understands so it's not really a big deal.

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Personality type - What personality type is Khetve?


Like if Gilderoy Lockhart was competent and actally had some validity behind his fame.
Big, big ego problem which is only exacerbated by the fact that he's really competent and a genius and so people also treat him that way.

but he's also... likeable? if he likes you? if he makes an effort? he has a very fine sense of humour and a lot of situational awareness, plus the stuff he studies is genuinely interesting, so if he's in a good mood he can be a delight at dinner parties.

he gets along well with kids as long as they respect him. very eager to teach them, quite gentle, usually patient etc.
I guess you could say that he wants to treat most people the way he treats kids but only kids might let him?

Motivations - What motivates Khetve most?

Maintaining and strengthening his position, maybe helping out the king.

writing and publishing new things and finding out about how the world works. He has a very innocent and passionate sort of curiosity.

Along with maintaining his position, he really wants to become even more famous than he already is, with spreading his literature throughout Zemyal and beyond.

Flaws - What flaws does Khetve have?

gets salty when the world doesn't revolve around him (ie when someone else has something cool that he wants but doesn't have, he gets offended)
morality is questionable at best

Core Fears

Being ignored/insignificant

Afraid of large bodies of water


Questionable at best.
He leads the spy ring, so he's cool with deception. He used to sleep around a lot and is definitely not above using his fame as a way of manipulating women. He organised the assassination of the MQ, so he's not above murder.


Confident, condescending, his voice is deeper than looking at his body would make you think.
Uses big long words and flowery figures of speech because he has his writers write along with what he says bc he might say something brilliant.
but he also has a wild sense of humour. very witty

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Khetve have?

Can and will interrupt if he doesn't like what someone is saying. and he's loud so he can easily bulldoze you down.
Often raises his finger when he speaks as if he's lecturing you constantly (which he probably is let's face it)
Gets really salty when people walk in front of him. He always wants to be the one leading the group. this gets problematic the older (and slower) he gets.
Sniffs all the time.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Khetve have?

Not a fan of "common" people
Generally thinks everyone is less intelligent than he is (but with the people he likes, that means he's kind of like "awww okay let's take this slowly")

Talents - What talents does Khetve have?

Really good writer, scientist, organiser, law-maker and advisor.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Khetve have?

Storytelling (not writing! writing as such is a craftsy/artsy thing. he just tells the stories and has a crew of writers who write it all down for him)
Shredding apart other writers he doesn't like
Science! (doing fun experiments and listening to reports from around the world)


Age I guess?
stuff that comes with that - physical weakness, arthritis, plus he used to be quite obese so I'm sure that put irreparable strain on his bones and stuff.
Has to come to terms with the fact that most of the people from his generation are dead and he's the last one left (average life expectancy here is around 60-65 years, so while there may be the odd straggler left, most of the people he grew up around are dead. plus a lot of them were killed in the war)

groups Social
Job - What job does Khetve have?

Author, advisor, spy master, royal tutor

Religion - What religion does Khetve practice?

He doesn't care for gods or religion - he'll humour it in his friends (esp. Naumir) but it has exactly zero impact on his life. Very sceptical "if I can't see it, odds are it doesn't exist" approach to life.

Politics - What politics does Khetve have?

Very pro-king. Him and Naumir are super good friends.

Occupation - What is Khetve’s occupation?

See Job, I guess?

Favorite color - What is Khetve’s favorite color?


Favorite possession - What is Khetve’s favorite possession?

not necessarily his favourite, but should note somewhere that this man is a hoarder. hoards all the things. so many of them. if it's interesting or valuable or beautiful, he will do anything he can to possess it. so his house is like this weird... quasi-museum, almost, and very intimidating for people to walk through.

Favorite weapon - What is Khetve’s favorite weapon?

his wit?
the guy is 73 he's not exactly about to have an epic sword fights. plus his status meant he was never actually involved in warfare.

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Pets - What pets does Khetve have?

does Kevya count lol

info History
Birthday - When is Khetve’s birthday?

~someday, I will develop a calendar, but alas - that day is not yet come~

Education - What is Khetve’s level of education?

He literally sets the standard for other people's education.
this man knows as much as his brain will fit

Background - What is Khetve’s background?

Born into an upstanding family, his passion for writing was encouraged and developed by his parents. He published his first work at a young age (mid twenties) and that gained him national attention. He became a celebrity and somewhat of a sensation, so he moved to the capital and continued to tell stories and do other artsy sciency things. At this point, he had lots of torrid affairs and ended up marrying a middle class citizen instead of a noble, for love instead of anything else. Along with how he romanticised love as a prerequisite for marriage in his books, it was a huge inspiration for other people to start doing the same thing (looking at you, Naumir).
The young Prince Naumir got into his works and the two became fast friends, so once the former King passed, Khetve was officially made part of the Royal Council and soon became one of King Naumir's most trusted advisors. He ended up heading the spy ring and negotiating the assassination on his friend's behalf.
When Prince Shura turned 7, Khetve took over his education.
His wife died when he was around 65.

Biggest Regret

Not marrying his wife sooner - he kept her as a mistress at home for a few years, which did not help with her reputation and kind of isolated her socially, all because he still wanted to sleep around and "didn't want to settle down yet".
(to be fair, he also slept around while they were married - the guy does not have the best track record with respecting women. Sure, he married for love and did genuinely love his wife, but he also had this attitude of "if I want it and I can get it why shouldn't I have that too".)
Looking back, he does regret his infidelity.

Most Significant Achievement

All of his published works, in any order.

Greatest Failure

Arranging Queen Onaskvana's assassination was kind of dumb

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Subplot Theme

being left over
decadence, fame, wealth - what can he get away with and should he be able to?

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