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Name - What is Mai Oshiro’s full name?

Mai Oshiro

Role - What is Mai Oshiro’s role in your story?

"A light all its own, a planet of brilliance. I am Sailor Lumina! I shall illuminate the truth!"

Other names - What other aliases does Mai Oshiro go by?

Sailor Lumina

Gender - What is Mai Oshiro’s gender?


Age - How old is Mai Oshiro?

14-16 years old

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Height - How tall is Mai Oshiro?


Hair Color - What color is Mai Oshiro’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Mai Oshiro style their hair?

Long hair, curly, braided

Eye Color - What is Mai Oshiro’s eye color?

Light green

Race - What is Mai Oshiro’s race?

Evolved Human

Skin Tone

Fair, freckled

Body Type

Fit, Curvy

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Talents - What talents does Mai Oshiro have?


Hobbies - What hobbies does Mai Oshiro have?

Reading Manga, Riding in the Car, People Watching, Playing Video Games

Personality type - What personality type is Mai Oshiro?

Mai is friendly, but also soft spoken. She often gets nervous about speaking because she doesn't know how to talk to "certain people". She can be considered physical with her friends; often holding hands or resting against them. She seems to have a good enough understanding of things that she is able to explain complex concepts in "layman's terms". She also looks at arguments from both sides and tries to find a middle ground.

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Occupation - What is Mai Oshiro’s occupation?

Sailor Senshi, Guardian of the planet Lumina

Favorite color - What is Mai Oshiro’s favorite color?

Rose and Navy

Favorite food - What is Mai Oshiro’s favorite food?

Sukiyaki, Miso Mushrooms and Udon, Chicken Katsu

Favorite possession - What is Mai Oshiro’s favorite possession?

Transformation Ring

Favorite animal - What is Mai Oshiro’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Mai Oshiro have?


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Birthday - When is Mai Oshiro’s birthday?

December 1st

Education - What is Mai Oshiro’s level of education?

Middle School, High School

Background - What is Mai Oshiro’s background?

Mai was born to her mother, Chizue on December 1st. But before Mai's first birthday Chizue was married to Katsuo and both the bride and baby took on the last name of Oshiro. Mai spent most of her childhood in Japan, but would eventually have to move a lot for Katsuo's work. It wasn't until high school that Mai would return to Japan. During her stay, she would often run errands for her family to help out. And one day during a grocery run, the shop keep would offer her a powerful ring that would awaken the Sailor Senshi within her and change her life forever.

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edit Notes

  • Mai means "Dance" and is pronounced like May

  • Her father, Katsuo, helps open and establish different locations for his company, which is why the family moves around a lot

  • Mai is 15 years older than her sister, Anzu. This is because Mai has a different birth father

  • Chizue (Mai's mother) was a ballerina from high school until she had Mai. She's since retired

  • Mai is fluent in Japanese, but is conversational in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Korean

  • Mai knows how to dance because of her mother

  • She goes into new relationships tentatively, fearing that she would have to break them off when she has to move

  • Mai has a good memory for things that are told to her


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