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Name - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s full name?

Amilia-Rose Cook

Other names - What other aliases does Amilia-Rose Cook go by?

Amy, Amy Rose

Gender - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s gender?


Age - How old is Amilia-Rose Cook?

15-25 years old

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Hair Color - What color is Amilia-Rose Cook’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Amilia-Rose Cook style their hair?

Long hair, curly

Eye Color - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s eye color?

Forest green

Race - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s race?


Skin Tone


Body Type


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Amilia-Rose Cook have?

In her 20's, she has a few tattoos

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Talents - What talents does Amilia-Rose Cook have?

Singing, Biology, Writing

Hobbies - What hobbies does Amilia-Rose Cook have?

Playing video games, reading, hanging out with Sal and Larry

Personality type - What personality type is Amilia-Rose Cook?

Amy is very friendly and chatty in general, but can't seem to keep a group of friends for very long. While she is a very good and loyal friend, her fear of being forgotten and panic attacks tend to make her lose friends faster than she can keep them. But the fear of being alone for too long continues to drive her to make friends, to make a positive impact strong enough that she won't be forgotten... and maybe that's enough to become friends with Sal and his group.


Anxiety, Athazagoraphobia (Fear of Being Forgotten), Thanatophobia (Fear of Death)

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Religion - What religion does Amilia-Rose Cook practice?


Occupation - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s occupation?


Favorite color - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s favorite color?

Gem Tones

Favorite food - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s favorite food?

Sushi, Pot Roast, Pho

Favorite animal - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Amilia-Rose Cook have?


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Birthday - When is Amilia-Rose Cook’s birthday?

February 3, 1982

Education - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s level of education?

High School

Background - What is Amilia-Rose Cook’s background?

Amy was in and out of the hospital due to generalized anxiety, which made it rather difficult for her to make friends. Because of this, people at her school would often forget who she was, causing her to develop Athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten). While already very friendly, she sometimes had to push to make herself feel like she was someone of significance, so she wouldn't be forgotten. Her family moved to Addison Apartments for "a short while" after her panic attacks seemed to have stopped; and she started hearing things, though normally brushing them off as noisy neighbors.

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