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Name - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s full name?

Akiko Hashimoto

Role - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s role in your story?

Super High School Level Mangaka/The Ultimate Mangaka

Other names - What other aliases does Akiko Hashimoto go by?


Gender - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s gender?


Age - How old is Akiko Hashimoto?

16-17 years old

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Weight - How much does Akiko Hashimoto weigh?

125 lbs (57 kg)

Height - How tall is Akiko Hashimoto?

5'4" (165 cm)

Hair Color - What color is Akiko Hashimoto’s hair?

Rose Brown, Rose Pink Streaks

Hair Style - How does Akiko Hashimoto style their hair?

Half-Up Twintails

Eye Color - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s eye color?

Leaf green

Race - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s race?


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Body Type


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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Akiko Hashimoto have?

Akiko twirls her hair when she's in deep thought or flirting, grips her clothes when she's angry or upset, and often hides her face when she's embarrassed or feeling shy

Motivations - What motivates Akiko Hashimoto most?

Akiko wants to show that there are alternative ways of dealing with unpleasant situations, and often wants to prove that she's smart enough to figure out how. She is also determined to never let anyone hurt her again.

Flaws - What flaws does Akiko Hashimoto have?

Despite hating manipulation, Akiko isn't above bating people to make a point.

Akiko is also willing to sacrifice herself for her beliefs.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Akiko Hashimoto have?

Akiko is very against abuse and manipulation, so much so that she believes manipulators and abusers should be punished.

Talents - What talents does Akiko Hashimoto have?

Drawing (Ultimate Mangaka, hello?)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Akiko Hashimoto have?

Drawing, Playing Video Games, Singing, Reading, Putting Together Outfits, Nail Art

Personality type - What personality type is Akiko Hashimoto?

While very friendly and sometimes chatty, Akiko is clearly and introvert; favoring being alone over people around people. She desires to make more friends, but is often distrustful after being hurt in the past. Though once she can feel she can trust someone, she is very open and honest.

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Religion - What religion does Akiko Hashimoto practice?


Occupation - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s occupation?

Super High School Level Mangaka/Ultimate Mangaka

Favorite color - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s favorite color?

Rose Pink

Favorite food - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s favorite food?

Sukiyaki, Chocolate, Strawberry Calpico

Favorite animal - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Akiko Hashimoto have?


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Birthday - When is Akiko Hashimoto’s birthday?

May 31

Education - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s level of education?

High School

Background - What is Akiko Hashimoto’s background?

During elementary school, Akiko was often bullied for being "overly friendly" and "intrusive", which caused her to recede into keeping herself away from her classmates. She went to art therapy and used drawing as a means of expressing her pain, anxiety, and desire to make friends. It was through this that she discovered her talent for drawing, and decided to pursue it. Before she was brought into Hope's Peak, she managed to publish seven one shot mangas and 5 volumes of her first series.

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edit Notes

  • According to free time events, Akiko's had about seven relationships in the past. Four of them were abusive.

  • Akiko feels uneasy wearing dark clothes, but doesn't mind dark places

  • Akiko will often try on outfits that she's making for her characters to see how they fit and how they look for certain movements

  • According to free time events, Akiko's had all her wisdom teeth removed and one of her tonsils

  • Akiko taught herself to be ambidextrous because she broke her right arm as a kid.

  • Akiko believes in Deism; the idea that there is a god but that god doesn't interfere with what happens despite prayer.

  • Akiko has a younger sister. Not much is known except that Akiko wants her to be the best she can be, and that her sister plays the flute.

  • According to free time events, Akiko is pansexual and "will date [someone] if they are pretty and have an interesting personality".

  • According to the third trial, Akiko believes that the worst possible punishment is being exposed as a horrible person and having to live with the consequences. "Death is a cop-out; living is much harder."

  • According to free time events, Akiko doesn't like Kokichi because "[Kokichi] is the epitome of every single person who has ever hurt her", but also states that "if it weren't for [the past incidences], [Kokichi] would totally be [Akiko's] type"

  • Her boyfriends names are Daichi, Habiki, Ken, Mamoru, Ryota, Shiro, and Yori

  • Habiki, Ryota and Yori are still friends with Akiko


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