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Name - What is Midge Larsony’s full name?

Midge Larsony

Role - What is Midge Larsony’s role in your story?

Chaotic Idiot Protagonist

Other names - What other aliases does Midge Larsony go by?

  • Scooterman

  • Friendly Alleyway Criminal

  • Rocket

  • Explodor

  • Kid Purple

  • Roman Candle

  • McZoom

  • Various other given names by the people of Alabaster

Gender - What is Midge Larsony’s gender?

pangender, A?AB, they/she/he

Age - How old is Midge Larsony?


nfc Name

mid-j lar-son-nee

First Name History


Greek origin! Means pearl

Last Name History


it's literally just a mix of my two favorite crimes: arson and larceny

face Looks
Race - What is Midge Larsony’s race?


50% Irish, 50% French

Height - How tall is Midge Larsony?

5'7" //

average in pretty much all aspects

Skin Tone

Very, very pale white

Body Type

rectangular, athletic. pretty flat in both the chest and bottom.

Hair Color - What color is Midge Larsony’s hair?

Bright, greasy purple. It always seems to be a different shade of purple, so nobody really knows what its exact color is. Natural hair color? Who knows her?

Hair Style - How does Midge Larsony style their hair?

one part of their head is always shaved. Whether it be just an undercut, or a half-shaved head, or a fun shaved pattern, or an entire mohawk, it's always something.

What stays consistent is that Midge keeps his hair long, almost to the small of their back. It's naturally really greasy and straight and fine in thickness.


thick, unruly, also purple

mood Personality



Chaotic Good

Flight, Fight, Freeze?


The second something gets bad, Midge is out of there in seconds.

How they would describe themselves: (3-words)

super awesome swag

How others would describe them: (3 words)

loud, obnoxious, troublesome

fingerprint Nature
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group Social
date_range History
Birthday - When is Midge Larsony’s birthday?

April 16th

timeline Arc
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