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Name - What is Yhioma’s full name?


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"I did exactly as you said, Pa, I held my head up high"

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Gender - What is Yhioma’s gender?


Age - How old is Yhioma?


face Looks
Height - How tall is Yhioma?


Weight - How much does Yhioma weigh?

on the chubbier side

Body Type

apple shape?

Eye Color - What is Yhioma’s eye color?

dark brown

Hair Color - What color is Yhioma’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Yhioma style their hair?

short box braids, somewhere between chin and shoulder length (

Skin Tone

Dark brown, cool undertones

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Yhioma have?

heart-shaped face, still has some baby fat - dimples in both cheeks when she smiles. one slightly crooked front tooth. will often have a few colourful beads or ribbons in her braids.

fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Yhioma?

Friendly, bright, curious, likeable, open to the world but unsure of herself.

Motivations - What motivates Yhioma most?

wants to make her family proud (especially her parents) by being the best sculptor she possibly can.

Flaws - What flaws does Yhioma have?

sometimes wilfully blind or ignorant when it's more comfortable for her. she doesn't think that she has any issues with seeing other people's perspective on things and that's why she often doesn't, which can lead to tension + hurt feelings for everyone.

Core Fears



generally positive - while she can be thoughtless, she generally has good intentions and a strong sense of what the right course of action is for her personally. but she's only beginning to think about morality on a larger scale outside herself and it's uncomfortable for her.


she is self-conscious but less self-reflective, if that makes sense - often she'll be deeply uneasy or uncomfortable, or embarrassed, but she doesn't think all the way about why that may be or what to do about it.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Yhioma have?

when she looks at something it's a whole-body motion - she never moves just her eyes or head

General fears

she doesn't like the dark

Talents - What talents does Yhioma have?

strong talent for sculpting, which is why she was apprenticed to Teya. in general she has steady hands and a good sense for crafts and handiwork.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Yhioma have?

she enjoys singing, especially during other tasks, and is pretty average at it. loves poking at/playing around with fire.

Other abilities/ skills

gotten pretty good at cooking

groups Social
Job - What job does Yhioma have?

apprentice to Teya (and Khellis)

Politics - What politics does Yhioma have?

she doesn't really like to think about the big picture - she used to know the local goings-on where her family lived, and she has strong opinions on things that affect her or people she cares about, but he concept of wider politics is vague and she tries not to think about it because she finds it overwhelming.

Favorite color - What is Yhioma’s favorite color?

bright yellow or orange

Favorite food - What is Yhioma’s favorite food?

dessert made of fruit, spice, and wrapped in a thin layer of dough

Favorite possession - What is Yhioma’s favorite possession?

a little pendant she got from her mother when she moved out to be apprenticed to Teya

Favorite weapon - What is Yhioma’s favorite weapon?

she could probably wield any of her tools as weapons if necessary but she's not really a fighter

Favorite animal - What is Yhioma’s favorite animal?


device_hub Family
Significant Family Dynamics

one much older brother who renamed (=disowned) himself and became a mercenary, one younger sister who is set to take over the family business. Yhioma is determined to be the best sculptor she can be and make her family proud.

Deeply loves both her parents, had an especially close relationship with her mother growing up. Moving away to become apprenticed wasn't unexpected, and she was excited to see the world, but it was difficult to leave her family.

She doesn't remember much of her brother since she was very young when he left, but she resents him for the pain he caused her family and is deeply ashamed of what he did. partially her determination to succeed is the desire to overcompensate for what he did.

Her sister is about six years younger than her, so they get on reasonably well, and her sister looks up to her a lot.

info History
Education - What is Yhioma’s level of education?

she was educated at home on a general level by her father (which is quite normal for upper working class/lower middle class kinda folks) until she was apprenticed at 14 (also quite normal).

Background - What is Yhioma’s background?

Grew up in a small town/village community that's relatively rural. Her mother runs the local store, so Yhioma grew up right in the heart of the community, with a few tastes of the outside world in the form of stories from merchants. Her family apprenticed her to Teya when she was 14. She thought it was a logical reaction to her proclivity for sculpting and didn't think much more about it, though her parents seemed more tense than usual. in fact, they chose this apprenticeship mainly because it would cause her to be constantly on the move and more difficult to find if someone was to look for her 👀

Significant Past Friendships/Relationships

she was friendly with most of the folks back in her old village, and she was good friends with the middle sister of the rich family on the nearby estate.

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Subplot Theme

growing up away from home + the process of discovering that things were always bigger and more complex and a bit darker than she knew


something something vision + perception

involvement in other arcs

what if Teya had to confront the damage her cynicism and resentment can do to herself and others. what then.

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ah but what is her family trying to protect her from? 👀

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