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Name - What is Amaya Himura’s full name?

Amaya Himura

Role - What is Amaya Himura’s role in your story?

A young woman who truly enjoys skateboarding

Other names - What other aliases does Amaya Himura go by?


Gender - What is Amaya Himura’s gender?


Age - How old is Amaya Himura?

21-23 years old

face Looks
Height - How tall is Amaya Himura?


Hair Color - What color is Amaya Himura’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Amaya Himura style their hair?

Short Twintails

Eye Color - What is Amaya Himura’s eye color?


Skin Tone


Body Type

Full Figured

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Talents - What talents does Amaya Himura have?

Skateboarding, Dancing, Mechanics

Hobbies - What hobbies does Amaya Himura have?

Skateboarding, Karaoke, Dancing

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Amaya Himura’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Amaya Himura’s favorite food?

Somen, Curry Bread

Favorite animal - What is Amaya Himura’s favorite animal?

Umbrella Squid

date_range History
Birthday - When is Amaya Himura’s birthday?

December 1st

Education - What is Amaya Himura’s level of education?

High School Graduate

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edit Notes

  • Amaya uses the alias "Lotus" since she thought it'd be a good representation of who she wants to be

  • Her first skateboard is a fusion between a street board and a longboard, with reflective purple flowers on the wheels and a floral red deck. Her second board has a similar shape and wheels, but Kaoru designed the deck with a traditional painting of red lotuses behind the calligraphy word "Lotus"

  • Amaya skates normal; meaning she skates with her left foot forward. Though she can switch to goofy if needed.

  • Her favorite colors are Red, Pink an Black

  • Amaya can run in heels and geta

  • She always wears a frilly obi and thigh high tabi

  • Amaya would like a surprise proposal. She would like a grand reception (though she'd be happy either way). She would love "see ya" kisses everyday, but doesn't expect them. She would want to either do a staycation or go to a resort for her honeymoon. Amaya is pretty used to domestic life from being Pink's nanny, but she'd encourage her spouse to get involved in some of the chores and activities. She's the type to leave sweet notes for her spouse with cute doodles on them.

  • Amaya's dream job is "one she can do with her beloved".

  • She's scared of snakes

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