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Name - What is Zackary Novelle Williams’s full name?

Zackary Novelle Williams

Role - What is Zackary Novelle Williams’s role in your story?

Crazed and Tortured

Other names - What other aliases does Zackary Novelle Williams go by?


Gender - What is Zackary Novelle Williams’s gender?

Demi-boy-- He/Him or They/Them



Age - How old is Zackary Novelle Williams?

~200 years old

face Looks
Weight - How much does Zackary Novelle Williams weigh?


Height - How tall is Zackary Novelle Williams?


Hair Color - What color is Zackary Novelle Williams’s hair?

Almost a whiteish grey with tints of brown near his roots.

Hair Style - How does Zackary Novelle Williams style their hair?

Long and greasy. Usually it's up if he can bring himself to do it.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Zackary Novelle Williams have?

Fuzzy and unevenly shaved

Eye Color - What is Zackary Novelle Williams’s eye color?

Both eyes darkened to the same shade of rocky grey.

Race - What is Zackary Novelle Williams’s race?

Dark Demon

Skin Tone

Pale White

Body Type

Lightly muscled and lean.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Zackary Novelle Williams have?

(Mostly not pictured) Faded scars and marks of his physical abuse over the years. More relevant scars are most prominent on his neck/chin/cheeks, and the flat parts of his shoulders.

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Zackary Novelle Williams have?

Zackary grew to be exceptionally numb to the emotions of the other people around him. Either that, or he'll be extremely aware of them, and most likely afraid of them. Going both ways, he'll interrupt often with bouts of just pure nonsense.

Motivations - What motivates Zackary Novelle Williams most?

Nothing. Staying alive is his only motivator, and he barely knows if he wants to do that.

Flaws - What flaws does Zackary Novelle Williams have?

His memory of anything is exceptionally poor. Apart from being unstable and clinically insane, his distrust had only grown as his grip on the world around him slipped away.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Zackary Novelle Williams have?

Is it fair to say that he'd probably discriminate against everyone?


In mental critical condition; collected mental illnesses like playing cards. PTSD, anxiety, depression, mostly due to, obviously, the brainwashing and torture he endured. It's amazing he's still alive.

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Job - What job does Zackary Novelle Williams have?

Unemployed; previously a gatekeeper of knowledge for the Gods.

star Magic
What is their species?

Dark Demon (Half-Breed)

What is their Magic like?

He is able to fly and teleport at will (when aware of his decision). His magic also grants him quicker healing only for himself, and a sharp set of teeth.

date_range History
Background - What is Zackary Novelle Williams’s background?

Zackary only remembers knowing a lot about Neo. When asked about what he specifically knew, he would only scream and cry out the King's name in fear. Any mention of Zack's history before his torture would also result in this reaction, with no difference no matter the wording. He simply has zero recollection of anything about himself.
Shortly after Metaphorical had died, Zack was the only person standing in the way of Neo. It was suspected by the king that Zack had figured something out, but Neo was quicker to act. After Zackary had run out of people to care for him (i.e. Xanthe), Neo kidnapped Zackary under the ruse that the Demon had simply run away in fear, and tortured him for his information about the universe and other types of magic that weren't as well known. This information was mostly forced out, since it was forbidden for Zack to share it. He was tortured for years, almost twenty after Neo confidently took the kingship. Zackary was used as a vessel of frustration, stress, and anger from the king, and was not treated kindly. Because his magic granted him, essentially, a harder-to-kill status, Neo took advantage of it. Zackary had no idea as to how he escaped. He was, though, released and left for dead, and managed to crawl back into the dusty, poorer side of the city (which is very, very small and not densely populated).

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