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Name - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s full name?

Metaphorical Whembrooke

Role - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s role in your story?

Blind Seer God

Other names - What other aliases does Metaphorical Whembrooke go by?


Gender - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s gender?

Male- he/they



Age - How old is Metaphorical Whembrooke ?

Hundreds of years old

face Looks
Weight - How much does Metaphorical Whembrooke weigh?


Height - How tall is Metaphorical Whembrooke ?


Hair Color - What color is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s hair?

Coal Black

Hair Style - How does Metaphorical Whembrooke style their hair?

Long straight hair, curls at the ends. He has long bangs that mostly cup his face and between his eyes at best. If one is looking at him weird, it would look as if his hair was completely covering both of his eyes.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?


Eye Color - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s eye color?

Fuzzy and cloudy

Race - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s race?

White-- Human-like

Skin Tone

Pale White

Body Type


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Constantly bleeding nose, tattoos of roses and dark lilies on his chest.

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Leiden is particularly compassionate and loves to listen. He is polite and ACTUALLY kind, unlike his twin, he will feel genuine joy to talk to those under him and who he holds power over.

Motivations - What motivates Metaphorical Whembrooke most?

Leiden simply hopes to forget his own history and suffering.

Flaws - What flaws does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Despite being a God, it is easy to sway him to feel something or help anyone. His previous life ended because his lack of empathy, so many years of anger and strife in his previous actions has made him weak-minded.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Other Mind Readers and any magic user who is older.

Talents - What talents does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Communicating with close friends, painting.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Meditates pretty often, drawing, reading.


Well, here's a good time to mention that he is damned to suffering for eternity in return for his extra magic and abilities. So it took it out on him. His mental state is much weaker and he is prone to breaking down and mania.

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Favorite color - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s favorite color?


Job - What job does Metaphorical Whembrooke have?

Previously a PI.

star Magic
What is their species?


What is their Magic like?

Path Reader, Mind Reader (Seek/One of the Strongest). Because he can see people's futures, as well as get into their head and see how they think due to his previous life experiences, he is particularly adept at changing people's "paths" per say. He is specifically prayed to if one wishes ill on another person, but because he's not very popular. Leiden will assist all of his followers and occasionally appears personally if he finds it necessary. Those who follow him famously break out into nosebleeds often which is how one can identify one of his followers who have been influenced by him.

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Birthday - When is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s birthday?

March 24, but he refuses to celebrate it.

Education - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s level of education?

He doesn't remember his education level

Background - What is Metaphorical Whembrooke ’s background?

Leiden started out as a mortal Mind Reader, but he lived as if his magic (which was immensely powerful for his species) would have no influence on his afterlife, or anything at all. However based on his actions of little to no action based on what he knew, and keeping everything to himself (therefore creating a life of literal suffering because of his lack of self through everything he knew), he was given the title of Suffering and Turmoil. He also was granted Path Reading abilities because of his surprising capacity to handle how much he knew when he was a mortal.

Now he mostly tries to avoid other Gods because they were his previous friends, and he's afraid of being blamed for not knowing what happened with Neo. The only one who knows how to reach him directly (other than his followers) somehow, is Tubig (a.k.a Cameron). Leiden doesn't like him very much, but Tubig gives him good company though motivation and extreme gentleness.

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