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Name - What is Mara Ecker’s full name?

Mara Ecker

Gender - What is Mara Ecker’s gender?




Age - How old is Mara Ecker?


face Looks
Hair Color - What color is Mara Ecker’s hair?

Brown, pink in the front

Hair Style - How does Mara Ecker style their hair?

Shoulder length, wavy, usually has space buns or something else cute

Eye Color - What is Mara Ecker’s eye color?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Mara Ecker have?


fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Mara Ecker have?

Rubs her palms over her knees and thighs when she's nervous, runs her fingers through her hair

Motivations - What motivates Mara Ecker most?

Mara's intensely interested in politics, social justice, and the environment, but due to mental health and sensory issues, she doesn't like going to protests or rallies
She's always up to do anything artsy and lives for aesthetic pictures

Prejudices - What prejudices does Mara Ecker have?

✨ straight people✨

She's actively doing her best to overcome her internalized prejudices and for the most part, it's going very well. She does have a slight fear of Christians because a lot of them have a tendency to yell

Hobbies - What hobbies does Mara Ecker have?

Every art thing

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Mara Ecker practice?

Agnostic, baby witch

Politics - What politics does Mara Ecker have?

Hella leftist

Favorite color - What is Mara Ecker’s favorite color?

Whichever she's looking at currently

Favorite possession - What is Mara Ecker’s favorite possession?

Her paintbrushes

Favorite animal - What is Mara Ecker’s favorite animal?




date_range History
Birthday - When is Mara Ecker’s birthday?

January 11

Education - What is Mara Ecker’s level of education?

Just graduated high school, is going to college for marine biology

Background - What is Mara Ecker’s background?

Mara's parents are pretty liberal (less so than her), non-religious, and very accepting, so when she came out when she was 16, they were supportive. They also took an interest when she started practicing witchcraft and started looking into it for themselves.
Her older sister came out as trans when she was in college and Mara was 15. They've always been similar in terms of personality and interests, but her sister is less interested in the wider variety of arts, and is more vocal and angry with her opinions

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Pets - What pets does Mara Ecker have?

Cat named Winnie

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