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Dramatic, random, ships, everything! Simply, this is where I give you all something I've written, make it to where the characters could be anyone and without context, and use those as writing prompts to see what people come up with!


Good! I've been in school and I had just woken up when I saw your reply. I'll get it to you in a moment! First of all, what kind of prompt are you interested in?


Okay! I'm going to pull one from this dramatic role play I did, except obviously allow characters to be anyone. This prompt idea is to take the line of which the character has said given in the prompt, with possible narrations too, and to write a story with events leading up to it and after it. Here's one! Well, part of a statement, followed by that character's next statement. (I literally forgot what the other said here)

"Bound to someone who now hates me, the one I really love heartbroken and maybe also hating me, and I'm just stuck in a situation of problems, drama, lies, and fake love!" (character one) says.

Insert something about how (character one) will just have to deal with this and that they'll have to try to learn to love (character two) said by (character two) here.

"I'm sorry, but I can't accept your fake love, the lies, the pain of breaking (character three's) heart, any of it! Just end this awful dream or this curse that's causing this! I want this to end! I just want someone to come and save me from the torture I call my freaking life right now! If someone shall save me from this I will be forever grateful," (character one) says.

I'm sorry if this is bad, ridiculous or not what you're looking for. I do, however, have more than this. This just happens to be one that inspired this idea. Also, you can edit these lines in the prompt, but they need to be close enough to the originals. (I'm not a professional or anything, so my grammar, punctuation, or other stuff might be a bit trash, but I'm working on that)


I love it. The thing that came into my head first was an anime or something where the secondary character is just so done with the protagonist's crap. I don't know why but that happened

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Could I get a horror-theme prompt? Maybe it will help me get my Nano Book somewhere, idk

That particular prompt would be good for a story, but not quite the genre I had in mind. I'm just gonna quote what I said earlier, is that possible?


(Oh, a horror prompt! Cool! Also, sorry, I hadn't noticed because I was busy typing my other prompt. I'll get to your horror one now! Any certain things you'd like for your horror story?)


(Okay, so, after forever and multiple attempts in my spare time, I realized I am not a good horror author. I have tried but no real ideas came. I might just ask my friends who actually have ideas. I really tried)