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I'm gonna give y'all a prompt but there's a twist, you have to write a piece from one of your stories. It doesn't matter what story you choose, but it has to be from a story you are writing, or are planning to write. And if y'all think this is awful let me know, please. Okay here's the prompt:
"That's when all hell broke lose…"

Have fun :)

Margaret Louisa Dale

"That's when all hell broke loose…" Martha said, sighing and leaning back in her chair. The past few days had gone on and on, and for a woman of her age, Martha was reasonably tired.
"Can you elaborate, please?" The man said, not bothering to look up from his notes. She looked at him closely, her face twisting with disgust.
"He freaked out. He went crazy. What more do you want?"
The doctor pushed his glasses back on his nose and put down his pen. "Mrs. Lawson, we want everything you can give us. Any details that can influence our decision. Do you understand that?"
"What decision? Is he in trouble?" She sat forward, anxiously watching the doctor.
"Mrs. Lawson, we must decide if the experiment has failed. If so, termination is imminent."
"You're going to kill him? How could you do that? He was frustrated, he was scared. He didn't understand. We both know that overstimulation can affect him like this. It's not his fault. He doesn't deserve to die." She stood suddenly, filled to the brim with anger. The doctor looked condescendingly over the rim of his glasses.
"Can you elaborate, please?"

This was a super quick one, very dialogue heavy I know, and it definitely won't make sense if you don't know the story. Essentially, the "he" being spoken of is an experimental human, generated in a lab from stem cells. The process results in a perfectly formed, deformation free human, with no concept of pain, obedience, joy, pretty much any type of emotion, and so on. So the experiments have been to teach these humans to be human. The "he" is the fifth experiment. The others were terminated because the teaching process failed, and the humans (experiments A-D) had a mental breakdown, screaming, sobbing, hurting themselves, starving themselves, lashing out at others. They lost all that they had ben taught and each time it was decided that they should be terminated. For experiment E, instead of teaching him in a lab setting, they teach him pain and obedience and then place him in the care of a local woman, Martha, to learn joy, sadness, anger, and such. Something (undecided) has happened and "he" (They call him Experiment E or Evander) began to mentally deteriorate just like the previous experiments. This scene is the interview of Martha before the board decides whether or not to terminate the experiment. At this point, "he" is almost completely functioning, imagine like a high functioning autistic person's level. The emotions are there, but socially there is some struggle with interaction and social situations.

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Ooooh, I like this a lot. And quite honestly I thought that this was dead so I wasn't expecting it. Well done! Would you like another one for next month?

Margaret Louisa Dale

Sure, but I can not promise that I will get to it in a month. I will try, but I forget about this sort of thing weekly, and life tends to get in the way. I’ll definitely try to though.

@Echo_6 group

It doesn't have to be done in that month, and yeah life is quite good at getting in the way of things. I'll throw something on this when it comes to me.


"I wouldn't advise pissing off an entire race of people," the ogre said angrily. Aaron and a crowd of other ogres stood behind him, with Aaron cradling his throbbing cheek in his hand. An angry red mark formed on his face in just the right shape and size as Zuri's hand.
"Too bad. You pissed me off first." The defiant human girl said. "Plus, maybe you just pissed off a few different races yourself."
Behind Zuri stood a mixture of half-breeds, and even a few Grim Reapers. They step up beside her, joining Topaz on her right, and Danny on her left.

Some explanation:
Zuri is a "pure" (her true race is to be unrevealed for now hehe) human girl in a society of mythical races. Unfortunately for her, many of the other pure mythical races hate humans and most of them were wiped out until laws were put in place to protect them. Even though they are basically protected as endangered species, that doesn't stop many races like ogres, pixies, and etc from discriminating them and such. Zuri is the only "pure" human in this seaside town and is fighting for her rights with the help of her Grim Reaper friend Danny, her part gorgon part human friend Topaz, and Danny's dad, Jason John Black who also runs the orphanage Topaz and Zuri live in.
(Spoiler: she's only half-human but the mythical side of her doesn't really show.)


Most of my book ideas end up scrapped.
This book idea is originally from a different one that I just changed. Then I scrapped the other one XD.
I wouldn't be surprised if I scrap this one day honestly.
Tho I actually just started an RP that I really like the idea of that I might try to make a book so don't steal it lol.

@Mojack group

“I wouldn’t advise pissing off an entire race of people.”

Enetli glanced over at Cellica soon after making the comment. Enetli rarely interfered in such minor matters, but the First Galactic War had just finished about a decade ago. Even coming from such a chaotic race, Enetli disliked the conflict that seemed to occur so often. Cellica was no normal human - it was clear physically, and mentally. She was crafty and manipulative. And she desired conflict.

“Why, Enetli? I thought you didn’t care for our matters?” She gazes out into the endless reaches of space. The ship cruised through space, heading towards the Arkeot homeplanet. Earlier this week the Arkeots had made a threat to a smaller colony of the they sent Cellica and her fleet over to deal with it.

A poor mistake, in Enetli’s point of view.

“I would rather avoid pointless war.” Enetli admitted, and Cellica gave them a glance, her crimson eyes scanning the currently humanoid Eldritch.

“It is ironic you say that, considering you were the one who blinded the Thols after they stepped out of line. You also destroyed their civilizations, sending them years back in terms of technology.”

Cellica smelled the change in Enetli’s scent, a slight change, but one she could detect. The Eldritch walked to the side, hands together in front of themselves.

“That was billions of years ago. Let the past be forgotten.”

“If we do that, history will repeat itself.” Cellica was unable to keep the thin, teeth revealing smile from her face when the Eldritch turned to stare at her, even if they had no visible eyes. Enetli was hard to decipher, Eldritch were in general, but Cellica? She was different, just like Enetli noted. Able to pick out the smallest of details. It was why she was so feared during the war.

She knew she struck a nerve, even though the Eldritch currently possessed none in its current state.

“I’m going away for a few years again.” Enetli turned back around, their voice low. “If you piss off those Arkeots and start a conflict, you will start another war. And Fenh’im knows how long that’ll take.”

Again, she smiled. “I know.”

And with that, the Eldritch left Cellica alone in the room.