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I've been really tempted to pick this up for the HTC Vive, but I worry about the replayability. I haven't played it before – is it something where you can replay it a bunch of times, or is it really not worth it once you know who did what in each case?

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Well, it depends how you like to play video games. The cases are pretty challenging, and you aren't likely to get the "good ending" to all of them, unless you look up a walkthrough (which I don't recommend the first time).
On each case you get a "star rating" on a scale of 1-5, for what you did right, finding all the clues, asking the right questions, and ultimately attributing the crime to the right person. There are also a bunch of collectibles in the game, and little sidequests called "street crimes." Some of that is better done after you've completed the story mode. You also wouldn't be replaying the whole story unless you wanted to, because you can do individual chapter replays, so it's much easier to do a little at a time when you replay, plus you can just replay through whichever sections of the game you enjoy instead of having to go through annoying tutorials every time.
It's got good replayability for people who like to 100% a game, and even if you don't like to 100% a game, most people would probably at least go back and get the good endings where they might have messed up the first time. You'd probably get more gameplay out of it than one playthrough, but probably less than you want unless you plan to 100% it.

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I really enjoyed this game! The story was enjoyable, cases and puzzles were kinda challenging, and I also enjoyed the riddle portion of the game. I would love to see a sequel, but that is, unfortunately, highly unlikely….